Free Prints Review(Honest Review)

I am going to be reviewing an app called Freeprints. This is my own thoughts about the app and I am not sponsored. I also did a video where I unboxed the image I ordered. I highly recommend Freeprints. If you are not able to print your photos, this app is for you. This is an honest review on Freeprints.

freeprints unboxing and review

In the video, I show you a photo that I took last month that I decided that I want to print out. I decided I wanted to have physical copies of my photos. Just in case, I’ll never know. There could be a photo contest and it could call for a physical copy of a photo. I also heard about this app from someone else and wanted to give it a try.

What Is Freeprints?

Freeprints is an app where you can print your photos for free. You do have to pay for the shipping, this probably helps the developers fund the app. But shipping is $1.99, (US Dollars), very affordable shipping. For your first order, you will not have to pay the shipping, then after that, shipping is $1.99. You get to choose your level of shipping, if you pick fast shipping, you pay an additional dollar or 2, but because it was my first order, they gave me fast shipping for free. I applaud Freeprints for that. Giving your clients the fast shipping for their first order is a nice thing to do.


How the app works?

When you open the app, you will be taken to an option to choose what photos your want to print ( gallery, Facebook, Instagram etc) after you pick the photo(s) that you want, enter your details, and if it’s your second purchase, your method of payment. Then you pick the level of shipping that you want. Freeprints will give you the fast shipping for your first order ( 3-5 day shipping).

I highly recommend this app, if you have a photo of a late relative or just a photo of something you wanna remember, I recommend printing it so if something happens to your phone, you will have a physical copy, and your memories won’t be lost! Just search ‘Freeprints’ in the Google Play/Apple Store. I am not sure what phones you all have.

Wanna buy the featured photo. Check out my store. Give the app a go, you won’t be disappointed! If you would like to see previous reviews that I have done. Here you go. Blue Snowball Ice Mic Review(Highly Recommended)Blog Professionally With Grammarly! { Honest Review}.

Let me know what you think about Freeprints? Do you recommend this to a friend?



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