The Holidays Are Depressing With No Money

The holidays are coming up, a wonderful time of year. The one thing that makes them depressing is having no money to spend on the holidays. It really sucks being broke, seeing things you want to buy but no money to do so, and not being able to get a job. I will get into why I cannot find/get a job.


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It’s best to do holiday shopping before Thanksgiving because if you wait until like mid-December, there is a chance you won’t have much to get. Also, Black Friday is after Thanksgiving and there is usually a major sale. However, some people don’t want the stuffing beaten out of them over a TV. I would love to do some holiday shopping. For instance, I need equipment for my YouTube Channel to better my videos. The holidays are usually when things go on sale. Say a camera costs 500 dollars, it could drop to 300 for Christmas. I have explained in Autism And Unemployment my struggles with finding employment because the jobs in my area do not have the settings I need. I will perform better in a job with my settings than in a job without my settings. I also explained in this blog the struggles that most autistic people face with employment.

This is to give you a backstory on why I do not have a job. Also, due to my mental health and stress levels, that is also why I am not capable of handling a job. When I get too stressed, I will get a stress-related bald spot in my hair and gain weight. I explain in mental health and unemployment how my mental health makes it hard to find and get a job.

Another thing I would love to do is to travel for the holidays, weather permitting. However, due to no money, I can’t do that. I just hate being stuck in Illinois, sometimes I want to get out, just to give myself a mental break. There are a lot of places I want to go. Heck, I want traveling to be a job! To travel and take photos/blog about my adventures.

My folks only get a check once a month, so they have no money to get me anything. My grandma used to get me Just Dance for the Wii for Christmas or my birthday ( December 31st). She stopped, however. I reckon due to no money. Sometimes I wonder what good is getting hyped for the holidays if I can’t do any of the activities I want due to being broke. The only money I get is from my Steemit Blog. However, I only get 3-5 cents a post and my hard work gets ignored. When I was little, my folks had more money, because they were working and brought home money every 2 weeks. Therefore they were able to get me things. Since they retired, they cannot do like the used to. My mom also got me things when she used to work full-time. She was terminated when she couldn’t get the doctor to sign her disability papers. So we weren’t able to do what we used to for about 4 years so far. My mom now has a part-time job, but she doesn’t get that much money.

What you can do to make someone’s holidays rememberable

The holidays are not always a happy time for everyone. Some people have no one to spend the holidays with. Check up on your friends. If you want to travel, ask your friend if they want to go. Get them a little gift for Christmas ( or whatever they observe). Find something they would like from Amazon and put in their address in the shipping information. These are the things you can do to help someone who has no money or no one to spend the holidays with. Invite your friend over for dinner if you have a holiday dinner. Take them out for New Years, just be careful. You have the power to do something.

Something that is a small thing to you can be a big deal to them.

I hope everyone’s holidays go swimmingly. Just remember what I said. You can make someone’s day. It takes little effort to do so. Also, be careful. Some people don’t know how to act during the holidays.


One thought on “The Holidays Are Depressing With No Money

  1. Hey Ms. Jazz! You been missing my comments? It has been awhile since I commented or chatted with you. You are right the holiday season can be a very depressing time if a person let’s it get that way. It doesn’t take money to have a great holiday season. I know this because I barely make it month to month so having any extra for expensive gifts just isn’t happening and my friends and family aren’t doing much better. The holidays are not about expensive gifts but the holidays are about spending time with family and your parents are still alive so be thankful for that and that you have a place to live and food to eat. Sometimes we forget just how lucky or good we actually have it and take things for granted. There are many things you can do to make great gifts that don’t require money and they can be much more meaningful than an expensive or bought gift. We make life what it is and I choose to make mine a positive happy life even through the holidays I will remain positive and happy. I hope you will do the same. Also, maybe you can do something as a volunteer to help give you experience and get you out of the house plus you will be helping others. I delivered Meal-On-Wheels for several years but there are lots of things you can do in your area I am sure but you have to look for them they aren’t going to come to you. Stay positive, be thankful for every thing you do have and don’t take anything for granted. #Stradog aka Rick

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