Funny Undertale Memes

I enjoy meming games that I play. I love Undertale and I’m just having a ball meming this game. I made these memes because I’m weird and it’s how I can express myself. Most of these memes are mine. Just a thought. Now that my autism employment study is finished, I can catch up on turning my videos into blog form. I will resume my Undertale walkthrough, you can watch it here. Here we go.

When I discover something, I have to meme it. I couldn’t resist meming this. You wouldn’t believe my reaction upon reading this Tweet. You can see/hear it here. I have marks in the video description of what reactions happen where.

My reaction was not normal, because I am not normal. You will think it’s normal for a few seconds, just wait. In all seriousness, I’m mad that no one told me this sooner! The tweet was from 2016 but I did not know of Undertale’s existence until 2017 in April or March. I’m mad ya’ll didn’t tell me that he was that good.

Am I the only one who didn’t cry at the Last Goodbye track?

I also love Spongebob so you will see Spongebob like meme formats.

I died more than 500 times at Sans

It took me 2 months to beat Sans. I am never going genocide run again.

This cracks me up everytime

Papyrus was about to use his special attack and the Annoying Dog steals it. This game makes me laugh hard.

Everyone’s reaction when they first played Undertale.

I can’t believe Flowey lied to me.


This cracks me up. Flowey does ruin everything.

This would be me for any game

Don’t mess with someone who is a die-heart fan or any game, movie etc.

Refer to the first meme to get this one. I couldn’t pass up a chance to meme a YouTube comment.

I just love these change my mind memes.

I think the guy is talented.

How can one be so talented.

Auto-correct gets annoying sometimes.
I didn’t make this. I just admire the guy.
Well, Toby said it could be 999 years before he finishes the game. We have to trust the doggo.
I think he is talented. Is that so wrong?
Let’s turn it up for all songs in Undertale/Deltarune that’s lit.

That’s all the memes that I have. I may do a part 2. just depends on how you like this.


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