My Tips For Reaching 200 Subscribers On A Gaming Channel

I passed 200 subscribers in September of last year, this is log overdue. One thing I learned is when you reach a milestone, wait awhile. Some people love to troll and unsubscribe when you pass a milestone. Sometimes YouTube does a purge of dead,spam accounts or accounts that break theirs rules. Rather than making a video saying, ‘ I reached 200 subscribers, yay me!,’ I decided to give some advice on what helped me pass 200 subscribers. It could help someone else.

  1. Change Up Your Content, gaming is a very saturated niche. It will be impossible to rank for a game that thousands of people played before you. However, if you add different things, you can stick out. Not only should you do let’s plays, maybe review the game, do a tutorial on how to pass a boss, maybe do game theories as you await another chapter for the game. Before I added different stuff, I was stuck in the 170s from maybe this time early last year until mid-July. When I added being a jerk in Telltale Games, reacting to game trailers, that helped me get noticed and was easy to rank for. I uploaded my reaction trailer videos within 24 hours of the trailer release.
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I got this ‘feedback’ from someone. I have zero clues as to what they meant because they didn’t provide extra details ( eg this is a gaming channel, why is there a video about making pasta here) If they mean me doing different stuff, I have to contradict them. You should add different things as long as it relates to your overall niche. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd, merely just adding different things can make you stand out. I will never grow just doing let’s plays, which is why my channel wasn’t growing for a good chunk of the year last year. They are not my target viewer if they have a problem with me adding different things. At least they could mention the video in their comment. I think they didn’t even watch the video all they cared about was my channel having different stuff

2. Change up your channel graphics, you should try to make your profile photo, banner, and thumbnails somewhat appealing to the viewer. I do not have good skills. I tried to make my graphics within my skill level. You can pay some people on Fiverr to make your graphics. They may have high prices, at least they will do a good job and they’re trustworthy.

3. Facebook Groups, you want to find Facebook groups that don’t allow spam, sub4sub etc. Groups that do sub4sub will not help you at all. You will only get subs that don’t care about your videos. Also, join groups that have threads, as the post can easily get buried when you post on the wall. Join groups where people interact with your content, leave feedback etc. That will help you, not groups where people link dump and spam.

4. Trending Topics, cover some things that are trending. For example, I would love to play games that are trending. However, I can’t because I do not have a good computer nor do I have the money for a computer good enough to game on. I explain here and here why I cannot get a job. Actually, take time to read the blogs I linked before you jump the gun and judge. The only money I get is from my Steemit blog. Unfortunately, I only make pennies. Unless I get lucky and a post brings in a lot of money, it could be 5 years or longer before I can save up the money for a good computer. There are also things I need outside of equipment for YouTube. I have a Patreon, no one has donated though. To get back on track, I decided to react to game trailers of games coming out. I am limited on equipment and decided to pick something within my capabilities. Find something that is trending to cover.

5. Proper Promotion, you want to properly promote your content. You can have all the SEO in the world, there will still be competition. Sign up for sites that allow YouTube promotion. Make social media accounts for your content. I pre-promote my videos by making a short teaser clip and posting it to my socials the night before a video goes up. That way the viewer will know what I am uploading. You cannot just promote on your social media accounts and expect views. It’s like opening a store and only telling your friends about it. Reddit can help you. People can be jerks on there, however. As long as you interact with people on the site, you should have no problem. Check the rules of the sub before you post!

Now let’s go over some things to avoid that could be the reason your channel isn’t growing. I made some of these mistakes. I am sure this is the main reason why my channel stopped growing. I wasn’t talking a lot in my videos. I didn’t know that gaming channels were about personality. I will talk more about this in a different blog. I felt if I didn’t have much to say at least I could have asked the viewers some questions. Another mistake is making long videos. I am for making your videos at least 20 minutes so you won’t be on the game as long, I mean making them 40+ minutes long. Your viewers may not have that much time if they work or have school. If your video is 20 minutes long, they can watch 10 minutes when they have a little time and the last half whenever. You also need to think about this. You should play a game that you like and not because it’s popular. People complain about me playing older games all the time. Little do they know I don’t have the equipment to run the latest games. I rather play a game that might be old, but I am interested in it than to play a game that is popular, and I have no interest in it. So you can complain about me playing ‘old’ games all you want. Unless you’re gonna buy me a gaming laptop or a console then, shut up! Do something because you like it and not because you think it will get you views and subscribers. Isn’t YouTube about making what you like? I do like some of the latest games I just don’t have the gear to run them.

Stay away from sub4sub, that will do nothing for your channel. You will have subscribers who don’t care about your channel or your videos. I also made a video as well. Check that out if you want to. Don’t cheat and buy subs and views. Do something because you want to. The viewer can tell if you’re just doing something for views rather than because you’re interested in it. Good luck to any new YouTube Gaming channel. Help me reach 230 subscribers, it would be nice to get to 1K this year. Here is my channel.


Life Lessons From Life Is Strange

Your parents always tell you video games teach you nothing, right? So I thought I show the life lessons that Life is Strange teaches. Even video games drop hints on what people do but never learn.

header for blog posts
These are screenshots that I took when I played the game

Life Is Strange is basically like Telltale Games, where its choice based, and what you do will have an outcome. Your actions actually have consequences. And the game remembers what you have done.

So the first lesson is kids aren’t the only ones who can be bullies, adults can bully too. And it’s worse if its an adult. Because if you report it, whoever you tell will most likely side with the adult.




kids are not the only bullies
Max steps in when she catches David bullying Kate

When Max is on her way to meet Warren, she catches David bullying Kate, the game will give you a choice to intervene or take David’s photo. And of course, I stepped in. This shows you that kids are not the only ones who can be bullies, adults can also be bullies. Kate even begged David to leave her alone and he wouldn’t. Adults think they can treat kids how they want to because they’re older, and this is not right, your position of authority gives you no reason to be a jerk.

Next lesson is to be nice and you get it back.

be nice and you get it back

As mean as Victoria is, she is a person, and she probably was bullied before. The bullying victim becomes the bully in most cases. Bullying is not always physical. You don’t have to beat someone up to be a bully, you can hurt them with your words. Now Max dumps paint on Victoria so she can get to her room, the game gives you a choice to comfort Victoria or make fun of her, if you’re nice, she will apologize for being mean and unblock you on Facebook and not post your photo. Moral of the story, don’t be a dick.

Next is people are bullied for their mistakes or past.

people are bullied for their mistakes

It is found out that Kate was drugged at a Vortex Club party. And she did something while under the influence. She was recorded without her knowledge and the video was posted online, and Kate was later bullied for the incident. It goes to show that someone can make ONE mistake, or wanna let go of their bad past, someone finds out and gives the person hell for it. It goes to show its never the victims fault, its the person who did it. People are not in the right state of mind when under the influence. People fak up, treating them like shit won’t do anything.

Next, You don’t get a do-over.You don't get a do over

If you were unable to save Kate, you will see this.

Kate has had enough and she attempts to kill herself. Max heads up to Kate to try to save her. Max cannot use her rewind power, the game is showing you, you do not get a do-over when it comes to something like this. If you pick the wrong speech, Kate jumps. So it’s important you pay attention when you’re in Kate’s room in episode 2. I may make a blog post on how to save Kate if you want to. So if you wanna treat someone like garbage, we’d be mourning the person. There are so many suicides because of bullying, wake up!

The last one is actions have consequences.

actions have consequences

Max learns she caused the storm by constantly rewinding to save Chloe, it was in Chloe’s fate to die. When Max first saved Chloe, that started the timeline for the storm. This shows messing with time has consequences. Chloe even tells you when she pulls out the photo Max took in the bathroom before everything went down, that she wanted to die to save everyone in the bay. Remember actions have consequences.

Fill free to leave some ideas for a gaming blog post. I started a think on my channel where I add something new the 3rd week in the month, to keep up the verity and to keep people from getting bored.

My YouTube channel if you wanna check it out and subscribe

If you want to start a gaming channel, I made a blog post on everything you will need to click here if you’re interested.

Even video games are keeping it real.

Ways To Make Money With A Small YouTube Channel/Blog

It would be fun to turn your hobby into a job, and make a living, and march into your bosses office and quit your job! Did you know you can make money with a small YouTube channel or blog WITHOUT monetizing? Channels under 1K subs cannot monetize. I believe you can monetize your blog no matter its size, but if you don’t get many visitors, you won’t make much, as AdSense pays you for impressions (clicks). Unless you get at least 10K views, you will only make pennies off of your blog. Plus I think a blog will not look good with a lot of ads.

So I am going to give you a solution to this. Sit back, read, have a cup of coffee.

ways to make money with a small channel or blog

I made a video about this on my tech channel. I cover what’s in this blog put short and sweet.

There are some things I didn’t mention in the video that I wanna mention here.

1)Affiliate links, this is where you get the commission when someone buys the product you’re promoting, For example, Tubebuddy, a browser plug-in, has an affiliate link, you will only get money if someone buys one of their pro levels. This is my thoughts, make sure the products your promoting is relevant to whatever your channel/videos/blog posts are about, otherwise, you look like a money vulture and will push people away. ( eg your video/channel/blog posts are about makeup and your links are to car parts) So make sure the products relate to your content. If you’re a gaming channel, suggest gaming products. I suggest doing a review and adding a link to purchase the product, say you are reviewing a camera, then you link the camera for your readers or viewers to buy. You can also pin it on Pinterest. You can make a section of your affiliate blog posts.

Amazon has an affiliate link program. Just look for products you use and link them in your blog.

There is Shareasale.

Also if you are partnered with an MCN ( multi-channel network) they may have affiliate link if someone uses it to join, they’ll pay you) you have a ton of chances to catch an affiliate link. Bluehost has an affiliate program when you join their site.

If you’re a gamer, a site called Gameflip has a code, if people use it to sign up or buy something, you get credits that you can convert into cash, the credits expire, make sure you’re checking the site and your e-mails!

2) Selling Merch, you can open up a merch shop, you can sell phone cases, apparel, ( or whichever products the site you sign up for has.)

Check out this video if you want to make your own clothing line. This gives you a guild.

Make sure to tell your reader/viewers you have a merch shop, when it comes to YouTube, people hardly look at the description. I can tell sometimes.

3) Sponsorships, there are companies that will sponsor small channels/bloggers, you just have to look. I believe a sponsor is similar to affiliate links, where the company/site will give you a code and if the viewer uses the code to sign up or buy something( viewer may get a discount), you’ll get money. Grammarly paid me to make a blog post about them, click here if you wanna read it. It was pretty simple to score.

Here is a video you can look at. I always like to pick videos that are more recent in case the site changed their rules.

4) Monetizing, you can monetize your blog. For WordPress, you need the business upgrade to show ads or pay for hosting. If you have the upgrade, you’re a step closer. I suggest hosting. That is much cheaper than paying for WordPress’s plans.

I feel you shouldn’t rely on ads to make money. You can hit a peak and not get as many ads or not as many visitors, views etc. of course that will make your earnings drop.

This video is the quickest and easiest method in my opinion, but I just can’t monetize because I have no money for the business upgrade. Nor do I have money to pay for hosting. If you wanna show ads on your WP blog, use this blog.

5) E-Books. You can make an e-book and sell it. For example, say you are a YouTube expert, you can make an E-Book on tips to grow a channel for small YouTubers. Make sure you sell it at a reasonable price. Most small channels have little or no money. I think 10 dollars is a reasonable price. Or you can make an e-book on growing a blog, how to become a full-time blogger. And so on. Sell an online course of yours.

This video will help you

Read, set, go make you some money. I hope this blog helped you out. I will explain down below why I left my tech channel. When I posted to my tech channel, I turned the video in blog form. I thought I fill you in on why this blog was inactive for so long until I decided to launch it again.

(the reason why I left my tech channel)

I left for a few reasons. I changed my content on my gaming channel, and this content will take me more time, and I wanna keep my second channel ( aka ItsAaliyahHolt)

so I decided to let the tech channel go. Another reason is my audience retention was horrible on my videos. I made a video either advice for new YouTubers or mistakes YouTubers make, they instantly clicked away because of my subscribers. And I made a video about coming up with ideas for videos and they left instantly just because of my subscriber count, so I decided to stop the channel. What good is making videos on that channel just for people not to give me the time of day just because my channel is tiny. Also, people are not likely to subscribe to a tech channel. They could have just needed that one video. I feel the tech niche is too competitive. So this is why the blog was dead for a while. I didn’t wanna leave it hanging and picked up on what else I can cover.

I hope that answered your questions as to why I left the tech channel. Good luck to anyone who wants to make money with a blog.






4 Ways To Make Money On YouTube

What if I told you, you can make more money on YouTube without monetization. You could make double from other methods than you can from monetizing. You need 1K views to get 1 dollar. If you don’t get that many views you will be only getting pennies. Don’t get me wrong, it can add up, but don’t you want to earn something you can use?make money on YouTube

If you’re a YouTuber and want to know other ways you can make money without Google Adsense, or you just want a backup income source or thanks to Logan Paul you’re no longer monetized and want to make up for the lost revenue. I got you covered, here’s

make money on youtube

Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways you can earn money from this method. A website you sign up for could have an affiliate link program, this is if someone uses your link to sign up for said site, you get the commission. Tubebuddy has one, for instance, if someone uses your link to buy Tubebuddy( a YouTube tag extension), you get a percentage of the money. I would start with that, as with Amazon’s aff link program, you might have to buy something, and a small channel may not have the money to buy anything. But you must indicate that the link is an affiliate link and you will get money when the person uses the link to buy whatever. I plugged my affiliate link as an example. So you must put in your YouTube description ‘this is an affiliate link and I will get a percentage of the earnings when you buy any of Tubebuddy’s pro features.’

Update, I tried Amazon’s affiliate program and you don’t have to buy the items, however, its recommended you suggest what you use.


2) Sell Merch
Open up a merch shop for your channel, this is another way someone can support your channel. You can sell hats, mugs, phone cases, shirts etc. I would mention in the video that you opened up a shop, most people don’t even look at the video description and most likely will not know you have a store. For example, I opened up a store for my art.  Redbubble is great for artists.


3) Crowdfunding
This means starting a Patreon so viewers can donate money in exchange for rewards. Be sure that whatever rewards you set, you can deliver. So if you’re an art channel, and your rewards are prints, be sure you will be able to provide each person who donates X amount of money an art print. I suggest doing prints every 2 or 3 months. But give them a print for the month they sign up. I have a Patreon for YouTube and my art. I rather have that separate from each other. I suggest every 2 to 3 months because you don’t know how many people will join the tier and you may run out of prints to give.


4) Sponsorship.
If I am not wrong, a sponsorship is where a company will pay you for endorsing their product, so say you’re sponsored by a shoe company, you will promote that companies shoes in your videos, and you get paid in return. Now if you’re a smaller channel, you may think this is crazy, think again, you can reach out to companies that sponsor small YouTubers. Make sure the companies product relates to your channel in some way before doing so. I would start off with an app or an editing software, where the person can just message you a code for the pro version or a link to download it etc then once you get used to reviewing, then upgrade to a camera or a computer etc. My blog was around 70 followers and Grammarly asked me to make a blog post about them. You can read that here.

I want to list other ways that I didn’t mention in the video form. You can sell e-books, your course etc. Say you’re a cooking blog and you have an online course, you can promote your course on your channel to get people to join. You can make an app and promote it to your viewers. You can do Freelance work. You can make graphics for people who are not skilled, you can edit for people who do not have time due to school or work. You can commission profile photos. Be creative. All these YouTubers who do YouTube full-time are not relying on Adsense to pay their bills, they generate a backup source of income.

Want to watch in video form? Click here. Also, be sure to check out other blogs I have done. Share this blog with a friend. I am sure they need this.



How To Come Up With Video Ideas

It’s hard to come up with ideas for your YouTube Channel. Do you get creator’s block? Do you just get stuck? Well this blog posts is here to help you out. come up with ideas

1) Ask Subscribers
If you have a decent following, you can ask your subscribers/followers for video ideas, and they will suggest what they want to see from you. However, if you’re not so lucky and don’t have a good following if you’re in any youtube Facebook groups, they can give you suggestions. But I suggest asking your niche audience, so say you are a gaming channel, post to a gaming-related group. It’s fairly simple. If you do let’s plays, maybe review the game after you beat it, or do Easter Eggs in the game. Or you’re a beauty channel and you review makeup, maybe switch gears and review skin products, hair products.

2) Watch Other People’s Videos
This is usually how I get my ideas, by watching other people’s videos, browsing online. If you followed my Aaliyah Holt channel before I re-branded. I made a video on why I hated being autistic, the idea was sparked when I came across a blog post that someone made with their struggles with autism. After that video got so much positive feedback, thus I decided to make videos about autism. Watching someone else’s video can spark inspiration, as long as you do not copy the person.

3) Take Notes
Anything you have in mind? Write it down, it could help you in the future, so say you want to cover things that happen on YouTube, and they make a change that angers you, good thing you wrote it down, or you never would have thought about it. Or you can write down things you want to talk about in general. Also, it will also help you out to jot down some bullet points you might want to cover. For example, say you want to review a game, you can jot down what you want to say about the game.


4) Make videos on what’s happening, trending topics, current events, anything you hear about. Before I re-branded Aaliyah Holt, I made a video about the repeal of net neutrality, however, I will not do videos like that anymore because no one cared and one dude assumed it was fake without doing his research. But hey, you may have more confidence than me. Maybe they didn’t live in the US, the group I shared it to had more people from the UK than the US. I would stay away from politics. People can be very salty if you think differently than them. On a forum back in 2016, a Trump supporter called me a bitch because I said Trump is a racist. He said I wouldn’t know ‘what racism is without googling it.’ That is why we have Google, you dunce. So Trump supporters will attack you and call you names if you speak against their ‘hero’. Another reason to stay away from politics. Trending stuff a suggest if it fits your niche. Is Movies, games, TV shows. Here is the same idea but in video form. Make sure the topic in question is within your niche.

Anyways, I hoped this helped some of you.


6 Tips For Passing Your Exams

To be honest, the most stressful part of the end of the school year is final exams. So I decided to make this blog/video to take the load off your shoulders. Follow these tips and you may pass your exams. Trust me, this advice could help you. We’ll never know.

Pass those exams

1) Start studying early. I know its kinda dumb to say this, but you better be on it when I say this. Instead of studying a week before your exams, why not study earlier, the earlier you study, the more time you will have and you can ask questions if you get stuck or don’t understand something.  Say your exams are mid may, then start studying mid-April. Don’t wait until the week of your exams to study. You will not remember a semester of stuff in a week!

2) Space out your studying, instead of studying everything on one night, break it up, one-night study history, next night study science etc. This is why I told you in the last step to start studying early. This will be more relaxing for you. Have a family member quiz you every night as well. Go see your teacher before/after school if needed. If your teacher has a study session, take advantage of that too.

3) DO NOT cram! Cramming is last-minute studying. Meaning you don’t study prior to the exam but do it all last minute. YOU DON’T WANNA DO THIS!!! You are not giving your brain enough time to process the information and you will forget the next morning. So many people make this mistake when studying and it will cause them to do poorly on their exams. Hence why I urge you to study for your exams a month in advance. You can do last minute review before your exams. But for all that is holy, do not cram.

4) Get Your 8 Hrs Of Sleep! One mistake that most people make when they study is staying up all night to study, this is another no-no. Your brain is going to be so exhausted, that you will not remember what you studied. If you must get extra studying done, get up earlier, get to school earlier. Think if it like a car with no gas, if your car doesn’t have gas, it can’t go anywhere, if you do not get your sleep, your brain cannot function. Sleep is the most important thing when it comes to passing your text. You will do better with a fully alert brain. Think of it like driving while sleepy, you won’t be alert.

5) Study What You Don’t Know
Why study what you already know? Focus on what gave you the most trouble throughout the semester. Once you have covered what you struggled with, THEN study what you know as a review. You still want to touch upon what you already know to keep it fresh in your mind. But focus more on what you struggled with first.

6) Request Accommodations ( if you have them) If you’re a special needs student, and you have accommodations, request them, they will benefit you majorly on the exams. I am speaking from experience. When I didn’t use my accommodations, I did poorly on a test, when I used them, I did MUCH better. SO please, use the tools the school provided for you. Request extra time or whatever accommodations you have. I had my test read to me and expended time.

I didn’t mention this in the video but make sure you eat lots of protein, you are going to need that brain fuel to function! Make sure you do not skip breakfast. A fueled brain is a happy brain.

That’s all for this, good luck to those taking their exams, this advice is to take the load off your shoulder, alert you on what to avoid doing etc
you still need to do your part and study. This advice is to make your studying better and change your study habits. Had I done this, I would have done better on my exams. Here is everything in a video form


Let the motivate you to eat.


How To Prevent Your Channel From Getting Terminated

A YouTuber’s worst nightmare is getting their channel suspended or terminated.  I had one of my channels unfairly suspended when I did nothing wrong. However, there are some things you can do to prevent your channel from getting shut down.Prevent channel termination

A friend of mine had his channel terminated recently, he got his channel back as of now, so I thought I make this blog on how you can prevent the same thing from happening to you. You don’t want years of work down the drain, right?

1) Don’t buy subscribers/views/likes etc
YouTube is not stupid, they know where your traffic comes from. YouTube deletes bot, spam, dead accounts every so often, so if you buy subscribers, YouTube is going to delete them, if they catch on, they will terminate your channel. Don’t cheat, there are no shortcuts on YouTube. Cheaters never win and winners never cheat. This can turn off companies who may want you to review a product of theirs.

2) Sub 4 Sub
Believe it or not, sub for sub is against YouTube’s TOS.

Screenshot (4)

In the first place, why sub for sub? Is it really worth it to have subs that won’t watch your videos, that are only subscribing to increase their subscribers count? It’s like having a movie cinema full of people, but the people are not paying attention to the movie. Sub 4 Sub is cheating. It’s lazy and not a very good way to grow your channel. It takes away from the people who put time into their videos. I am honestly tired of only sub 4 sub people subscribing to me then leaving because I didn’t subscribe back. If you expect things in return, I don’t know how far you’re gonna get.

3) Spamming
Everyone hates spammers, so why do it? If YouTube picks up a bunch of spam comment from you. They will give you a community guideline strike. 3 of those, you’re done. The same with copyright strikes. You don’t have to spam your link on someone’s videos, you know, they can click on your picture if they wanna see your channel or videos.

4) Misleading Metadata
Don’t title your videos something that has nothing to do with the video itself, also putting tags that are not relevant to your video is also not allow. So if you tag Pewdiepie just so you can get high search results, this is not allowed. If you make a video on how Pewdiepie inspired you, that’s fine. links or anything like is not allowed on YouTube. It’s misleading. If someone clicks on the link hoping to be taken to whatever site you suggest and they get an ad, that can be seen a deceiving. Consider yourself lucky if you have not been caught. I advise you to take out any links you may have. Also, do not put tags in your description box, use the tag box.


5) Don’t Use Copyrighted Content
This is an obvious one, don’t use something that’s not yours. Don’t steal other people’s content. If you wouldn’t want someone to re-upload a video that you worked hard on, then don’t do it to someone else. If you’re a gaming channel, be careful with what games you play. Most game devs put copyrighted tracks in their games, they bought a license to use the music, however that doesn’t cover any lets player. That is one reason why I played Undertale to avoid a crap ton of copyright claims. The game could have a track where your video will be blocked worldwide. Watch in video form if you prefer that.




How To Balance School/Work And YouTube

If you struggle to balance school/work and a YouTube channel?  This blog post is for you my friend. These are the things I would have done if I had school and a YouTube Channel. I feel this can help you balance your life a work and YouTube rev

Is it hard to balance school/work and a YouTube channel or even both? Is it frustrating having to be away from your channel for so long due to school/work? This blog is for you. In this video, I give you some tips on how you can tackle these responsibilities. Now, this just depends on what you got going on. Keep that in mind. These are some tips to at least make it somewhat easier to manage YouTube and school or a job.

1 Pre-record your videos

Pre-Record your videos. I used to do this with my videos. Record and edit as many videos as you can, while you have time. For instance, when I was on Undertale on my channel, I recorded the entire game, all 3 playthroughs, ahead of time. This can help you out if you run into a situation when you cannot make videos, so say a family member passes away, and you have to travel to the funeral, you have videos already lined up, all you have to do is just upload them. Also, if you’re the type of person that has things sneak up on you, this is also for you as well. I hate when my folks tell me at the last minute they need me to get something or if they have an appointment. For instance, my grandma didn’t tell me until the last minute she had a dental appointment, I was not prepared. Having autism, having things pop up sends me into anxiety. This is why I decided to plan ahead with my YouTube and Blog.

2 Kill 2 birds with one stone
This means to knock out two things at once, while your videos are saving/rendering. You can do your homework, study, cook, etc. Same thing when the video is uploading. Utilize this step whenever you can. You can edit on the go as well. If you’re at a restaurant with Wi-Fi you can do some editing. Like I need internet when I edit because I look for things I may need for my video or thumbnails as I go. Or if I want to upload after the video is done, know out a task then.

Space Out Your Workflow
If you are working full time, or a full-time student, you probably won’t have time to do all your YouTube work. So how about breaking it down into chunks. Like one day write the script ( if you go by one) then next day edit, next day make thumbnail etc. You may not be 100% happy with this, but it will help you out and take the weight off your shoulder. So say you review games, one day, think about the game you wanna critique, then write your script and so on. Save what takes the most time for your off days and what takes the least time when you get home and get settled.

Schedule Your Uploads
Lets got back to step one where I told you to pre-record your videos, followed by this step. This will be extremely helpful. So instead of rushing home and getting your video up, schedule the upload and set it for the date and time you want it live. I recommend setting the video up a couple days before you’re set to upload it ( say you upload on Saturday, set the video to go up on Thursday) you will never know if technology bits you in the ass. Meaning when you will have computer problems. Tying back to what  I said before, my folks do not tell me until the last minute if they need to go somewhere, rather than rushing and getting the video up before having to leave, I know my mom rushes me, do it a few days before.

Get A Planner

I highly recommend getting a planner (affiliate link) to plan out your month, this is a perfect way to organize your life. You can also mark down the things you tend to forget to do as well. Markdown when something important is happening. Put down the most important tasks first and the least important last.

This is something I didn’t mention in the video, but pay someone to edit your videos. If you do not have time to edit, this seems like a good option. You can try Fiverr, I will be offering services to edit your videos. I use VSDC editor and Wondershare Filmora, make sure your request is possible with these editors. I will add more gigs along the way. And will explain on Fiverr.

Here is the video if you rather see it in action.  I hope this helps you all. It’s not easy tackling your studies and YouTube, find ways to make it easier. Life is busy because you make it that way. No one is forcing you. It’s your choice and yours alone.



10 Mistakes That New YouTubers Make

We all make mistakes, they can make it hard for our channel to grow. I have made the mistakes that I talked about, well most of them. I have been on YouTube since 2016, I restarted my channel a few times.avoid this mistakes

I will be covering the common mistakes that new YouTubers make when they start out. I made some of these mistakes and they hindered my growth. I want to keep a new channel from making these mistakes. Its hard to grow as it is, and these mistakes will make it harder.


  • Sub for sub
    I will say this until I turn blue. Stay away from sub for sub. Those are not your real subscribers. They won’t watch your videos. They will unsubscribe after awhile. And sub for sub is against Youtube’s rules and you will be terminated once YouTube catches you. I rather have 39 subscribers that watch my content then have 1,000 subscribers and half of them are inactive. Now you cannot assume a channel sub4subs if their views are lower than their subs because YouTube’s algorithm constantly makes it hard to get views.
  • No SEO
    This means Search Engine Optimization. In short, terms, having tags, keywords in your title and description. Most small/new YouTubers do what the larger channels do. But the larger guys are done growing. So they really don’t have to tag their videos. Its harder for us small channels. We have to really stand out. Think of it as a resume for a job, your resume has to stand out from the other clients for the employer to consider hiring you. Tubebuddy is your friend if you are looking for a way to tag your videos
    ( this is an affiliate link and I will get money if you buy Tubebuddy, I get a small reward for showing you a cool software)


  • Copying Larger Channels
    I know its hard to get noticed. But copying the big guys won’t help you. It may drive people AWAY from your channel. If I am on Youtube. And I see 20 Pewdiepies, that will keep me away versus a YouTuber being themselves. It will be like changing your clothes because you think it’s going to make you popular at school. I would rather be myself, grow the right way than to be something I am not to satisfy someone. Like on Aaliyah Holt, before I re-branded, this guy couldn’t accept me for me, he clearly didn’t like my personality. Am I gonna change for ONE person? No!
  • Improper promotion
    What I mean by this, is only promoting your videos on your social media(s) and not signing up for forums or other places to promote. That will be like opening a store and only telling your friends and neighbors about it. As much as you may hate Reddit, it could benefit your channel. I made this mistake on my old channel and I wondered why my videos hardly got views, do like you would do when you open up a store, spread the word about your channel.
  • No Call To Action
    This means asking people to subscribe and like your video. Most people put their call to action at the end. But the thing is most people don’t watch the full video. You can check how much of the video they are watching by checking your audience retention. Say your video is 5 minutes long and they watch for 3 minutes, then they won’t see the call to action. I say put it at the start of the video. Make sure it’s done in the correct manner like ‘subscribe if you want to see more.’
  • Unappealing Channel This means having a good channel appearance. Having catchy thumbnails, banner, profile picture. That is one thing the viewer will see when they check out your channel. if you do not have catchy graphics, they most likely won’t stick around. You don’t have to have fancy graphics. Just make them somewhat decent. You can use Canva, it’s easy to use and free.
  • Spamming
    No one likes a spammer. If you are saying “nice video, check out my channel” that is an obvious clue that you didn’t watch the video that probably took them hours or days to make. If you want someone to check you out, leave a genuine comment. And MAYBE the person will check you out. Also, people can and will report you for spamming, and YouTube will shut you down as well. Also, spamming about your “shout out” series is not the way to go, why say you’re going to help someone grow and they have to be active on your channel. How do you know if they will like your videos? If you want to willingly help someone, don’t expect anything from them but good content.
  • Poor lighting in Videos
    If you cannot afford studio lighting, natural lighting is your friend. Simply putting your camera in a window can help, or record in a well-lit room. In the spring/summer times, I record outside. One mistake I made was waiting until dark to record when I know that the lighting isn’t good at that time. But with family constantly calling you for things, you don’t really have a choice but to wait until they are sleeping to try and record. At least use a desk lamp for your light.
  • Buying subscribers, views, etc
    This is another no, no. Youtube is not stupid, they can calculate where your views and subs come from, and YouTube deletes fake accounts, and if they catch you botting, they will terminate you. Remember, cheaters never win and winners never cheat. There are no shortcuts on YouTube.
  • Not interacting with viewers
    I feel this is an important thing to do. I feel interacting with your subs shows appreciation. You don’t have to answer all your comments, just a few comments a video, this includes social media posts too. Regardless of your channel size, you should talk to your viewers and get feedback from them as to what they want to see from you in the future.

These are the mistakes that I can think of that newest creators make. Here is everything in video form if you’re interested. I hope this blog helped you out. Again, I have been on YouTube since 2016, I wish I had known these things. They would have saved me so much trouble




A YouTuber That Inspired Me


I was in the dark about hate comments/trolls and dislikes until I found this one YouTube

thought-2123971_960_720If you know JackSepticEye, yes I am talking about him. He inspired me with deal with haters. When  I used to run my old channel, I was in the shadows about the haters. Whenever I got a hate or troll comment, I disabled comments on the video in question. I had this toll mass dislike and spam hate comments on my videos after I commented on a larger channel’s video. There is a YouTuber called Comedy Shorts Gamer, he made a video where he unlocked Ronaldo ( a soccer player, or football for some countries) I asked how did he unlock the card. I know nothing about FIFA, I wanted to know if you have to win a number of games. This guy called me an idiot then went on my channel mass disliking my videos. He told me to leave YouTube. I contemplated it. I stopped uploading. Then I found Jack’s channel and watched his “reading my hate comments” video. I find it fun to read your hate/troll comments. You can make fun of their grammar if they insult you but made spelling errors or used “your” instead of “you are”

If they right “your stupid” they aren’t even insulting you. Think “your” is a possessive form, like when your parents tell you to do your chores. You can reply, “sorry I don’t own stupid” and they will be so confused.

Haters are jealous of your accomplishments, so they bring you down because they don’t know any better. You should never quit something you worked your whole life for because or haters, trolls, toxic people etc. You are throwing your work away when you do that. Say you write a book, and you get a toxic fan base, and you regret writing the book, guess what, you are letting them win. Any fandom will have a terrible fan base, do you see the directors, authors etc, throwing in the towel? Nope! Block them and go on. I block them because I don’t need the toxic energy, I need people who give me positive vibes. Leaving the comments is saying I like the toxic energy when I don’t. If someone writes something like “you suck” you can ignore that. but if they are encouraging suicide, you NEED to report it to someone, that is illegal. There is a difference between trolling and people are just hating. You shouldn’t make fun of people with bad grammar. They can have a learning disability, or they are not a native English speaker.

I own Jack a huge thanks, I would reach out to him via social media but I am afraid he may not see it. But he can be an influence to a lot of people with low self-esteem. I doubt Jack will see this. I doubt he pays attention to small channels like me. In the rare 1/1M change he sees this, thank you, Jack!