Dusk Photos Of 2018| Golden Hour Photography

This blog will feature the dusk photos that I have taken thus far. I feel it’s better just to put my specific photos in one blog post.  This blog will have affiliate links, which means I will get a percentage of the earnings when you buy the products. It won’t cost you anything extra. The links will be throughout the blog!

I am into taking dusk photos, I find dusk amazing. This year was a great year for photos. Take a look at my flower photos from this year if you’re interested. Hopefully, everything goes well and I can go down south next month and take some photos since I was going to attend a family reunion. But life decided I don’t deserve to have fun and screwed me over. When one door closes, another one opens.

Taken June 2018

There was a pinkish color in the sky, I think I took this around late June. I don’t quite remember. Kinda sad summer is over, and it’s already getting cooler. Usually, when I live, it doesn’t get cold until December.


It looks even cooler when the sun has set. Take advantage of the golden hour, it’s usually the best time for photos.


Kinda looked like a storm was rolling in. There weren’t a lot of storms this year. My area NEVER gets storms. We get the warnings, our area is the warned area. By the time the storm reaches my area, it’s weakened. It would be nice to get storm clips for my Instagram stories. BTW, follow my Photography IG to see my work. I have a blog with my storm sky photos, Stormy Weather Photos of 2017.

early summer sky no watermark

took this early June. Nice isn’t it? This is all the photos that I have as of now. I will post different categories for my photos. Check out these blog posts if you are interested.

Blog Update, Commissions, Patreon, And More, this blog talks about some changes to my blog, they are not major. I felt it’s best to tell you in one blog post rather than explaining it everytime I blog. When I get more photos, I will post my photography.


My Favorite Holiday Moments

What is my favorite time of year? The Holidays! They get me so pumped. They provide me with photo opportunities. holiday moments

I will be talking about my favorite holiday moments, things that get me pumped for the holidays. Feel free to tell me in the comments what gets you excited for the holidays. It would be cool if I had the money to do some holiday shopping!

Holiday moment 1: Holiday music, you only get to hear it only one month out of the year, so let’s utilize it. It’s a joy when your out and about and there is holiday music playing. Kinda adds to your day. Some retail workers get annoyed because the same music plays over and over. I don’t work in retail and never will, it’s not good for my well being, but I feel you as to hearing the same song over and over.

Holiday Moment 2: Decorations, I enjoy seeing other people’s holiday decorations, they are very creative. Its great to see how festive people are. Its a good photo op for me, I never want to pass up an op to take a photo. Tell me if you decorate for the holidays. I like to see how people decorate their houses. Seeing their cool decorations. I am revising this as of 10/17/18 and December is 2 months away.

Holiday Moment 3: Holiday Specials, I look forward to this every year, watching holiday specials of my favorite TV shows, and the holiday movies I enjoyed when I was little, it brings so much nostalgia. Plus, the holidays can bring people together. Sometimes, it’s best just to put everything behind you for one month.

Holiday Moments 4: We do this every year, my grandma cooks a feast and I look forward to stuffing my face. If you have family over during the holidays, tell me in the comments section, I’d love to hear what everyone does. My grandma bakes Mac and Cheese and I love it. I also eat Chitterlings, they look gross, but they are actually good, add hot sauce and you’re golden. While I am revising this, I am undecided if I am doing vlogmas/blogmas this year 2018. I might, not 100% sure.




15 Facts About Me You Never Knew

For reaching 50 subscribers on YouTube, I decided to share some interesting facts about me.


The first fact about me is, I won the lottery, on my first time playing.

I randomly decided to play the year my mom graduated from high school, and it came out in a box, BTW when you play the lottery you get a straight ticket and a box, a box is the numbers can be in any order, straight meaning they are in the order they were called. I won 100 dollars. Sadly, I had to use it for lunch because I had a hard time affording lunch for school. And I didn’t qualify for the free lunch program. If I had money for lunch, I could have put this money towards future use such as clothes, if I wanted to see a movie.

The second fact is,  I actually had a YouTube channel in 2010

yes, you read this right, I owned a channel before the others I started up, I posted a video of me saying something funny and YouTube gave me a copyright strike. Out of anxiety, I deleted the channel. And I made a new one which is my OLD Aaliyah Holt channel.

The third fact is, I tried making mashed potatoes with buttermilk

I was out of milk and wanted to see how it will come out with buttermilk, and it did not come out right. Trust me on this. Lesson learned, don’t use buttermilk to make potatoes.

The fourth fact, I was injured TWICE

When I was in high school, back to back. When I was in high school, one month, I  bruised my shoulder one month, and the next month, I badly sprained my ankle. I am clumsy lol.

The fifth fact, I had an eating disorder

Yup, this was when I was 16,  I tell you, think twice before you want to call someone fat for not being pencil thin. Whether you like it or not, most ladies will have curves. Get over yourself. I hate fat shaming douche bags, I really do, and I lose respect for you if you judge people for their weight. Careless about how much they weigh and more about their personality. What number they are on a scale doesn’t mean a damn thing!

The sixth fact, I said “chicken” to replace swearing, I am a weird person, and random, and I thought it was creative yet funny. Don’t judge me, alright. I also love fried chicken.

The seventh fact, I got heat stroke one hot summer.

In 2012, that year was extremely hot, following an unusually warm winter, and I sweated a lake in a parade I marched in. Kinda sad I was the only person affected. The parade was 1.2 miles long. Followed another long walk to the bus. I guess I got unlucky that day.

The eighth fact, I hated the word “useful”

If you played Minecraft StoryMode by Telltale games, if you beat episodes 5-8, play episode 7 and you will know why. An overuse of a word makes me hate it apparently.

Ninth fact,  I have never had a job

I have talked about this a few times, between a disability, and limited jobs where I live. It’s hard finding a job that is suitable. It would have been too much for me having school, marching band/band, and work. So I decided to wait until  I graduated. As of now, 2018, I have had no luck with finding employment. I started a new blog about autism where I talk about my struggles with employment. You can follow that here. I can say because of having no job and because it’s hard to find one, I have no money for hosting so I can have a custom domain for my blog.

10th fact, I hate oatmeal.

It looks like vomit in a bowl, and I think its nasty.

11th fact, I’m lactose intolerant

I cannot drink milk, and this made things difficult when I was in school, the lunch ladies kept asking me for milk and having to tell them OVER AND OVER, that I cannot drink milk. Thankfully, I  got on the free lunch program and it was in the system. I was getting annoyed. I haven’t taken milk in 3 years and the lunch ladies couldn’t use common sense.

12th fact, I earned all my high school credits early

I could have graduated a semester early, but I wanted to finish my last semester of school so I can go to prom and just graduate with the rest of the clan. I wanted to attend prom and do Sr ‘ditch day.’

13th fact, I went to a Catholic school ( I am not even Catholic)

The schools in the city are bad, my folks didn’t want me going to a public school, the school they wanted me to attend was full, so they put me in a Catholic school. And I hated the school, the principal was a witch. The first and second-grade teacher was nice, but the third and fourth-grade teacher was mean. And a teacher who yells is ‘mean’ to me. That is not a healthy way to get people to listen. It will not work. Bargain with the kids. Like ‘ if you can behave, I will give you X.’ Don’t take this personal, I just don’t fit in at religious schools. Too strict.

14th fact,  I put mustard on fish sticks

You probably want to walk away at this fact, but I use tartar sauce or hot sauce on fish when I didn’t have neither, me and my weird self-used mustard. You guys are going to think I have weird ass food cravings. I was not pregnant just so you know. (When women are pregnant, they can have weird cravings, very weird.)

15th Fact, I have Asperger’s, I gave this away a few facts back. I struggle with autism. I see the world in black and right. I’m hated on because I can’t understand people’s views. It’s rough.

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