How YOU Can Be Apart Of My Journey

I officially decided to work towards self-employed/working from home due to having no luck finding a job that is right for me. I feel I will perform better if I am in a job setting that is controlled. My mom does not agree. But she is not in my head nor does she understand the demons in my head. No one knows what best for you than yourself. I have several ways to accomplish this. Even if it’s not to live off on, at least I’ll have some money in my bank account. Even if I get $100 bucks a month, it can at least get me started. I will give you some examples of how you can be apart of the quest. When I am successful, don’t you wanna be like ‘I helped her get to where she is.’ I will remember you when I am successful. I will never forget the people who inspired me to do what I do.


How You Can Be A Part Of My Journey

Telling Your Company About My Blog– If you work for a company, especially a new one, your company most likely will need someone to get the word out. I can write a blog post that represents your company, brand etc. I did a post like that for Grammarly. Click here if you wanna read it.

I also reviewed an app called Freeprints. Click here to check that out.

I feel this can be a start for my Freelancing career. I mostly write about autism and mental health. However, I write about other topics because I don’t want to limit myself.

Patreon- I have a Patreon for my art and my YouTube. I wanted separate accounts because I want my art business and my YouTube stuff separate. If I have multiple things on the same Patreon, I feel this will confuse the supporters. So I made another Patreon for my YouTube to make things easier. This is my art Patreon and this is my YouTube Patreon. I have some awesome rewards in store for those who donate. For instance, you may get access to Patreon-only posts. Say I get some equipment for my YouTube or art, you will be the first to know and you will be thanked in a post.

Buying My Art– I make blender renders, cosplays and photography. I opened up a shop for my art. I use Redbubble because I know of them and have used them before. I rather use a site I have heard of than a site I don’t know about and their quality is rubbish.  Redbubble allows you to have the art in a phone case, apparel, home decor etc. I will also link back my store art to my Pinterest account to take you right to the image you may want.

Requesting Commissions- I have a blog post regarding this. It explains my requirements for commissions. I wanna set little ground rules as to what art I will and will not accept. My rates are not expensive. Check out my Deviantart page so you get a feel of my work. Also, I could have made a render you already may want. If Fiverr is easier for you, you can pick the service you want and message me. I suggest messaging me before you order so I get an understanding of what you want. I want to make sure I got down what you want.

I also will have affiliate links in my blog, this means I get a small reward for showing you some neat stuff. To make it less annoying, I will just review the product and add the affiliate link(s). Say I have a microphone I think the reader may want, I will write a review of that mic and add the affiliate link(s). I will just pin the blogs with affiliate links on Pinterest. I don’t want to annoy the reader constantly plugging links in my blog.

Telling your friend about this blog– You can tell your friends about my blog if you cannot afford to support me. Sharing my posts to your friends, family etc is a great way. Or you can have me write a guest post on a topic you’ll like. Preferably what I blog about on here so it makes more sense.

Follow My Steemit blog- I have a Steemit blog, on Steemit, you get money when someone upvotes your posts. This is a free way to support me if you may not have money to buy my art or for Patreon. Matter of fact, this is a preferred method since it’s costing you literally nothing.

You can also purchase my new eBook! I wrote a book about autism to showcase how we struggle with jobs. How it’s hard for us to find and keep a job. Get your copies here!

I don’t want this to look like an e-beg post, but more of a helping hand post. I want to eventually move out of my folks’ house and be on my own. To be in a setting better for my well being.

I would love to achieve these goals in the next year or so. I believe I can do it. It’s so much better than having a job that will make my mental health worse. My mental health is more important than anything in the world. My mom may not agree with working from home because I need to ‘get out’ but if I work from home and make more money than I would on a retail job, I can get out more. If I was on my folks’ car insurance, I could go to a park just to get some air, go to the mall and walk around, get some exercise.

One thing I learned is to prove people wrong, I can’t prove with words working from home is better for me, I have to prove it with actions.


Blog Update, Commissions, Patreon, And More

I tend to go off-topic on my blogs, if you have read/seen my autism videos/blogs you know I struggle with the disorder. I tend to go off-topic and people will pick up on it and I feel bad because I cannot help it. So, I have decided to make this blog post with all the information regarding my art, commissions, Patreon and more. When I end my art themed blog posts, I can just link this post and that’s it. So stay tuned so you know everything that is going on.

This way the information can be all on one blog and it won’t be scattered across different blogs and won’t have to link 5 different blogs everytime I post my art. So please excuse the times I slide off the road. Like I said, I have a disorder and cannot control it sometimes. This blog will have all the links you need, but it’s easier for me to have it all in one area.


First order of business, I will be adding my blender renders and cosplays as part of Art Monday. I recently got a push to do renders again, and want to share them with you. If you would like to see my work, check out my Deviantart Page. I am also adding my art to my Tumblr, slowly but surely. I also added my art to my Art Instagram and my Art Facebook. So follow those links if you want to see my work. Those are the 4 sites I post my work to, this is just another home for my art. You know how I posted my flower photos in one blog? Same will apply to my renders and cosplays. My renders for Life Is Strange will be in one post and so on, if I make more, I will make a part 2, part 3 etc.

Follow my main Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you know when I will post.

Next, commissions.

Doing Art Comissions!

I will be taking art commissions. Refer to my art social media links so you know my style. I made a blog post about this, want information about my commissions, click here.

The blog post will feature all the information you need to know, my requirements, payment details etc.

Next, support. Next, I will explain how you can support my work. I have opened up a Patreon for my work.

Patreon is a site where you can pledge a certain amount of money in exchange for whatever reward the creator has set. I also can set goals for what I wanna do with the money. The money will go toward a camera, and so I can do some cosplays. I have an introduction video for my Patreon Page.  I explain in the trailer why I started the Patreon page and what rewards I have to offer in exchange for your support.

Next, you can request commissions. I have a blog post regarding the information as linked on this blog. my rates are fairly cheap. I tried to make them affordable.

Next, up, I have opened up a store for my work. This is for in case some people don’t like Patreon or can’t afford a monthly subscription. If you would like to buy my work, click here. The money can go towards future cosplays, a camera and other things I may need.

I believe I included all of the info you will need to know when I post my art blogs. I can link this blog post for those who want information in regards to my commissions, art etc. So I won’t go over the rainbow in my blog posts.

Final say.

Whenever I attach affiliate links. If I made a blog post on a specific topic, I will link the blog post. So when I post my photography, I will link the blog post I made about starting photography, which will have the links you need. Or when I make a blog post about starting a gaming channel, will link everything you need, and whenever I post gaming, I’ll just link the blog. It will be easier than plugging the affiliate links every time.

I am also adding art/speed art to my second channel. So this is something to look forward to.

These are all the updates that I feel I will have. If I add anything else. I will tell you on social media. Just be on the lookout. This can help me achieve my goal for self-employment.