How YOU Can Be Apart Of My Journey

I officially decided to work towards self-employed/working from home due to having no luck finding a job that is right for me. I feel I will perform better if I am in a job setting that is controlled. My mom does not agree. But she is not in my head nor does she understand the demons in my head. No one knows what best for you than yourself. I have several ways to accomplish this. Even if it’s not to live off on, at least I’ll have some money in my bank account. Even if I get $100 bucks a month, it can at least get me started. I will give you some examples of how you can be apart of the quest. When I am successful, don’t you wanna be like ‘I helped her get to where she is.’ I will remember you when I am successful. I will never forget the people who inspired me to do what I do.


How You Can Be A Part Of My Journey

Telling Your Company About My Blog– If you work for a company, especially a new one, your company most likely will need someone to get the word out. I can write a blog post that represents your company, brand etc. I did a post like that for Grammarly. Click here if you wanna read it.

I also reviewed an app called Freeprints. Click here to check that out.

I feel this can be a start for my Freelancing career. I mostly write about autism and mental health. However, I write about other topics because I don’t want to limit myself.

Patreon- I have a Patreon for my art and my YouTube. I wanted separate accounts because I want my art business and my YouTube stuff separate. If I have multiple things on the same Patreon, I feel this will confuse the supporters. So I made another Patreon for my YouTube to make things easier. This is my art Patreon and this is my YouTube Patreon. I have some awesome rewards in store for those who donate. For instance, you may get access to Patreon-only posts. Say I get some equipment for my YouTube or art, you will be the first to know and you will be thanked in a post.

Buying My Art– I make blender renders, cosplays and photography. I opened up a shop for my art. I use Redbubble because I know of them and have used them before. I rather use a site I have heard of than a site I don’t know about and their quality is rubbish.  Redbubble allows you to have the art in a phone case, apparel, home decor etc. I will also link back my store art to my Pinterest account to take you right to the image you may want.

Requesting Commissions- I have a blog post regarding this. It explains my requirements for commissions. I wanna set little ground rules as to what art I will and will not accept. My rates are not expensive. Check out my Deviantart page so you get a feel of my work. Also, I could have made a render you already may want. If Fiverr is easier for you, you can pick the service you want and message me. I suggest messaging me before you order so I get an understanding of what you want. I want to make sure I got down what you want.

I also will have affiliate links in my blog, this means I get a small reward for showing you some neat stuff. To make it less annoying, I will just review the product and add the affiliate link(s). Say I have a microphone I think the reader may want, I will write a review of that mic and add the affiliate link(s). I will just pin the blogs with affiliate links on Pinterest. I don’t want to annoy the reader constantly plugging links in my blog.

Telling your friend about this blog– You can tell your friends about my blog if you cannot afford to support me. Sharing my posts to your friends, family etc is a great way. Or you can have me write a guest post on a topic you’ll like. Preferably what I blog about on here so it makes more sense.

Follow My Steemit blog- I have a Steemit blog, on Steemit, you get money when someone upvotes your posts. This is a free way to support me if you may not have money to buy my art or for Patreon. Matter of fact, this is a preferred method since it’s costing you literally nothing.

You can also purchase my new eBook! I wrote a book about autism to showcase how we struggle with jobs. How it’s hard for us to find and keep a job. Get your copies here!

I don’t want this to look like an e-beg post, but more of a helping hand post. I want to eventually move out of my folks’ house and be on my own. To be in a setting better for my well being.

I would love to achieve these goals in the next year or so. I believe I can do it. It’s so much better than having a job that will make my mental health worse. My mental health is more important than anything in the world. My mom may not agree with working from home because I need to ‘get out’ but if I work from home and make more money than I would on a retail job, I can get out more. If I was on my folks’ car insurance, I could go to a park just to get some air, go to the mall and walk around, get some exercise.

One thing I learned is to prove people wrong, I can’t prove with words working from home is better for me, I have to prove it with actions.


I’m Available for Freelance Work

I have some exciting news! I am happy to announce that I am available for Freelance writing work! This blog will feature all the information that you need. If you have any further questions, e-mail me at I check my e-mails every day! And I can check on the go with my phone!

I am available to write a blog post for your brand. I blog about mental health, autism, art, photography and a variety of other topics. You could be a new business and is looking for a way to get off the ground. Any instance where you may need to get the word out about your brand.

Photo Credits: Pixabay


If you want an example, I wrote a post about Grammarly, click here.

This is to give you an idea of what to expect. An example is, say you have an online school you started, you’re struggling to find students. I will write a blog post about your school. I will list the benefits of your school and feature positive reviews of students from the school as proof you are 100% real, I am sure that’s another reason online business struggle. My readers will consider your school if they are impressed with my review.  I have a series of ways to benefit you.

I am looking forward to working with you. Feel free to contact me via e-mail if you are interested.

Throwback To My Trip To Fox River

Back in 2013, I went to Fox River with a lady who braided my hair. She went there to apply for a vacation house there, and I tagged along. It wasn’t really a “mini getaway” since I was her intern for the summer. But least I had fun. Throwback Thursday will only be temporary, once I run out of things worth blogging about, then I will be down to 3xs a week.


I do have a vlog, it will be a Google Plus share since I need to upgrade my plan to post videos. And the video is no longer online on YouTube since I re-branded my channel.

I’d love to go back to Fox River, for the summer and winter to see what winter activities they have. The tour guild said they have winter activities like sledding.


We went on a tour of the resort, and it is a very nice resort, flip side it there is no cell reception on certain parts, so I wouldn’t be able to post my travel photos. But hey, what good is a vacation if you’re indoors using your electronics and not site seeing and such?

We saw one of the rooms, and I’d have a special way to determined who gets what room if I ever come with a friend. Because part of my travel goals is a good room to stay in, with a view, views are nice!


The bathroom looks nice, I always wanted a bathroom in my room, maybe when I am blogging full time, I can make it happen. There is a toilet in there, its separate from the bath and sick I think.

It has a playground, I did get on it while the adults were taking care of business. Now I wasn’t serious about photography back then, but I made a vow if I get a chance to travel I will take photos if I have a chance to and properly vlog, like vlog when i am about to leave, on the way there, arriving etc.


There is a patio, now this is goals for sure. I’d step out at night even because that is also goals in my book. I might make a blog in regards to my travel goals, things I wanna experience when traveling. Hopefully, when I am a full-time blogger I can travel. I wanna be able to travel the world. I can’t do that working a regular job! You don’t get that many vacation days a year or whatever. Even if I was able to find a job, all I can do is part-time, and I wouldn’t be able to save up to travel, it will take forever vs if I make sat $500+ a month with affiliate links, selling my photos etc


This bed looks nice. Isn’t it?

So, I hope I get more travel opportunities, I will take photos like there is no tomorrow if I get to. I will post some travel blogs, I feel it fits Saturday’s theme which is verity.

If you want to get into photography, here is what you will need. Click here if you’re interested.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the blog. I could use a getaway!

My 5 Struggles With Anxiety

I feel this is the only place I can vent. My mom just invalidates me if I tell her my anxiety makes it hard to do X. My new therapist is the same way (kinda). He likes to group me with anxious people who work when he doesn’t know what their job is, or the story in general. struggles with anxiety rev

I have been struggling with anxiety for like, all my life ( started when I was in Jr. High maybe) and I wanted to talk about my struggles with the disorder, one thing is certain, people who don’t have anxiety, don’t know what it feels like, even if they do, they think the things that help them is suppose to automatically work for you.
1) Keeping friends. Making friends isn’t so hard, but keeping them is the problem. More than half the friends I met in school eventually left me. Sometimes I would add a friend I met in band or gymnastics and they would delete me a week later. And I am left wondering what I did or said wrong. I guess they can’t handle someone with mental illness. I even have social anxiety with texting people, because it ended badly when I was in school. And I made a statement as to why I don’t text first, some people understood, some people didn’t care and kicked me to the curb.

2) Finding A Job
This is going to me 90% of my struggles with my mental illness/disabilities, so get ready for that. On the anxiety side. I struggle with finding a job that’s low anxiety. For instance, a job at McDonald’s would be horrible for my anxiety, because its busy sometimes and very fast paced. If I am being rushed and pushed, it will make me anxious and increase the chances of making a mistake. If the customers have to wait too long for their food, they may yell at you. And I do not handle being yelled at well. I’ve done stupid things and actions when I got yelled at in the past. If you mess up their order, they may get mad, and I feel broken inside when people have yelled at me over little mistakes, do you really think I have the mental strength to go through that even more on a job? My mom doesn’t get it, she doesn’t understand I need a job with a certain setting for a reason. I get put off from doing things if I am talked down because it wasn’t ‘right.’ My mom says I use it as an excuse. It’s not an excuse. She just doesn’t want to understand so playing the excuse card is more convenient for her.

3) Overthinking, another Titanic Struggle
I struggle with not overthinking, this is common for people with anxiety. This is another reason why I don’t have a job, because my brain puts so many thoughts in my head as to what could happen on the job, and that prevents me from not wanting to work to avoid the things I am fearing. Think of it like me telling you I’m going on a road trip and inviting you. On the outside you’re excited, on the inside, your anxiety brain puts so many thoughts in your head as to what may go wrong before or during the road trip. I have thoughts like ‘oh, you may get bullied like you did when you were in school’ ‘oh, they may fire you for messing up.’ The list goes on.
4) Panicking in situations
Now, when something happens, my brain goes into panic mode, image like you can’t find your car in a parking lot so you hit the panic button, one instance I had was when I used to stay in the burbs, it was a very hot day, my mom was talking and went into an asthma attack, my brain went into panic mode, nearly torn the kitchen apart looking for the pieces to her machine so she can use it. Freaking out in the process. It’s worse because I have no one who could have taken over. So I am forced to be driven into anxiety in these situations.  It will be dangerous to have me deal with your medical issues, I will freak out and panic and it could cause problems. Having a mom with medical issues while you have anxiety goes together like water and oil.


People need to understand its HARD, its VERY HARD to fight and push through anxiety, just because its easy for you doesn’t mean it’s like that for everyone else. I am not you, maybe your anxiety isn’t as bad as mine, educate, before you judge someone with anxiety. I also have a video on the topic.  We need to lift people up, not put them down. We need to understand people’s struggles, not invalidate them.





6 Tips For Passing Your Exams

To be honest, the most stressful part of the end of the school year is final exams. So I decided to make this blog/video to take the load off your shoulders. Follow these tips and you may pass your exams. Trust me, this advice could help you. We’ll never know.

Pass those exams

1) Start studying early. I know its kinda dumb to say this, but you better be on it when I say this. Instead of studying a week before your exams, why not study earlier, the earlier you study, the more time you will have and you can ask questions if you get stuck or don’t understand something.  Say your exams are mid may, then start studying mid-April. Don’t wait until the week of your exams to study. You will not remember a semester of stuff in a week!

2) Space out your studying, instead of studying everything on one night, break it up, one-night study history, next night study science etc. This is why I told you in the last step to start studying early. This will be more relaxing for you. Have a family member quiz you every night as well. Go see your teacher before/after school if needed. If your teacher has a study session, take advantage of that too.

3) DO NOT cram! Cramming is last-minute studying. Meaning you don’t study prior to the exam but do it all last minute. YOU DON’T WANNA DO THIS!!! You are not giving your brain enough time to process the information and you will forget the next morning. So many people make this mistake when studying and it will cause them to do poorly on their exams. Hence why I urge you to study for your exams a month in advance. You can do last minute review before your exams. But for all that is holy, do not cram.

4) Get Your 8 Hrs Of Sleep! One mistake that most people make when they study is staying up all night to study, this is another no-no. Your brain is going to be so exhausted, that you will not remember what you studied. If you must get extra studying done, get up earlier, get to school earlier. Think if it like a car with no gas, if your car doesn’t have gas, it can’t go anywhere, if you do not get your sleep, your brain cannot function. Sleep is the most important thing when it comes to passing your text. You will do better with a fully alert brain. Think of it like driving while sleepy, you won’t be alert.

5) Study What You Don’t Know
Why study what you already know? Focus on what gave you the most trouble throughout the semester. Once you have covered what you struggled with, THEN study what you know as a review. You still want to touch upon what you already know to keep it fresh in your mind. But focus more on what you struggled with first.

6) Request Accommodations ( if you have them) If you’re a special needs student, and you have accommodations, request them, they will benefit you majorly on the exams. I am speaking from experience. When I didn’t use my accommodations, I did poorly on a test, when I used them, I did MUCH better. SO please, use the tools the school provided for you. Request extra time or whatever accommodations you have. I had my test read to me and expended time.

I didn’t mention this in the video but make sure you eat lots of protein, you are going to need that brain fuel to function! Make sure you do not skip breakfast. A fueled brain is a happy brain.

That’s all for this, good luck to those taking their exams, this advice is to take the load off your shoulder, alert you on what to avoid doing etc
you still need to do your part and study. This advice is to make your studying better and change your study habits. Had I done this, I would have done better on my exams. Here is everything in a video form


Let the motivate you to eat.


Things That School Doesn’t Teach You But SHOULD


Half of what school teaches you, 9/10, you will not even need. I feel that school should teach you what you will actually need. Like getting a job, or paying taxes, writing a check etc. Let’s face it, once people graduate high school and enter the ‘real world,’ they have no idea what to do because the school didn’t teach it.


Are you tired of teachers telling you “we’re preparing you for the real world” but don’t actually teach you the things that you will need in the real world? I am going to talk about and explain the things that I feel the school should teach instead of the useless crap school teaches you. How is the area of a right triangle going to teach me how to get a job? See how useless the stuff school teaches you is.

1)  Getting A Job

I cannot stress how important this skill is. Keep getting your applications rejected? Or are you getting rejected at the interview? You could be making a mistake that is causing the interviewer to rethink hiring you. You wouldn’t know what you’re doing wrong, because the school doesn’t teach you something as important as this. School should teach you the things to say and not say on an interview. Show you how to complete your resume. How to build your cover letter. Have mock interviews. Or even have some employers come in and give a presentation to the class on what they look for when hiring people, so that can give you some ideas.  If I were to go to a job interview at this minute, I would bomb the interview for sure, because so-called ‘school’ that claims to prepare you for ‘life,’ never taught me these things.

2) Paying Taxes

Do I have to explain why I chose this topic? You can get in hot water for not paying your taxes, knowing the capital of Florida isn’t stop the IRS from garnishing your paycheck, levying your bank account, or even arresting you. My mom had her bank account frozen for not paying her taxes. These schools should offer a course that teaches these skills. For example, teaching you how to fill out the tax form, when to file for taxes etc.

3) Time management

I feel this is also important, learning how to manage your time. Life is easier when you learn how to get organized. Teachers love to advise you to get organized if you say you couldn’t do your homework, but never show you how to do so. Give the students planners so they can manage their time better.

4) Mental Health

There are so many ignorant people when it comes to mental health, they can show sympathy for someone with a physical illness but degrade someone with a mental illness. I feel maybe if mental illnesses were taught in school, people can get some education on how a mental illness can affect someone and maybe there wouldn’t be so much ignorance. Maybe people wouldn’t tell a depressed person to “get over it” if they knew depression is something you can’t just snap out of. Maybe if school held classes on learning disabilities as well, we can be aware of how people with learning difficulties struggle. There is a class that does this called ‘phycology’ but I wish it can be a graduation requirement.

5) Self Defense

You will never know when someone may try to attack you or someone else. Now PE class can teach this, instead of putting running in the lesson plan, have a self-defense course. Like, show someone how to get out of a choke hold. You could save your life or someone else’s life just by knowing these basic skills. When I was in high school, all the teacher had on the plans was a crapload of running, my school didn’t have a pool. The teacher could have put self-defense on the plan or at least the basics.  For instance, renting those practice dummies and have the class practice on those. Teach the basics of self-defense.


6) Picking insurance
Now we all need health insurance, car insurance etc. I need my wisdom teeth out (eventually) and I need dental insurance because out of pocket will be $3,000. Because school never taught me a skill I am going to need, I ended up signing up for an insurance that didn’t cover the surgery and sighed up for one that made me wait 6 months before I could get the surgery and my teeth were constantly hurting me. Had I known this skill, all of this could have been avoided, you don’t want to spend more money than you have to. You want to pick the insurance that will cover you when things happen. This is something schools can offer. I can’t put my finger on what it will be called. Teach kids how to tell a legit company from a phony one. It’s very easy to fall for these scams.

7) First Aid

Things like CPR, Heimlich are things that we should know. Someone could pass out on the street and you would have no idea how to save them. Now health class can teach this, but I feel they should have mock situations where it can come to having to help someone until help arrives. Because it will take help 5 mins to get there, and if you wait for help to arrive the person could die in that span of time, its a matter of life or death. And you think a school would teach you something serious like saving someone’s life. When I was in school, health class taught us CPR on the dummies and tested us. I would have gotten a perfect score if I didn’t forget to check if the person is breathing. You get my point. But not all students may have these classes, nor the room on their schedule. Or it may not be a graduation requirement. Most schools have to cut programs students need due to budget issues, this can also play a role.

8) Ways To Be Successful Besides College

When I was a jr in high school, college was shoved down our throats, that’s all they talked about in order to be successful. Yet they don’t teach us other ways to be successful. Some people cannot afford college or may not qualify for financial aid and grants due to their parents’ income of if one of their parents are out of state. Teach these kids other ways they can make it. Also, most college graduates struggle to find a good paying job even with a degree.

Did I leave anything out? Tell me in the comments down below! If you want to hear everything, then check out this video. There are a lot of things school can teach us. Life can be easy, not all the time. But most of the time. You have to want to make it easier for yourself. We can all agree school does NOT prepare you for the real world. Let’s be honest, if you are at the store, no one is going to see ‘solve for x’ where the price tag should be to determine the price. You see how useless what you learn in school is? The basic classes you teach can add something worth using. Feel free to add anything if you like!



Things You Should NEVER Say To Someone With Depression


When it comes to having a mental illness. There are some things that you should never say to someone with a mental illness. Sometimes you can mean well, but these phrases actually hurt those who deal with depression. If you don’t have a mental illness, you will never get it.


There are some things you should never tell a person with depression. I’ve noticed people will respect someone with a physical illness but not someone with an invisible/mental illness. Why is that? So I present to you, the things that you should never say to someone with depression.

1) “There Are People Worst Off Than You”
Now this one grinds my gears. It’s just straight up wrong to invalidate someone’s struggles just because there are people worst off. I was getting bullied in school, in my English class, when I would plea for help, the teacher would turn me away, and do nothing about it. And if I stood up for myself, I was the one getting yelled at or punished. My counselor went on about how she had a student who couldn’t do things on his own, so she basically invalidated my struggles with getting bullied just because my situation wasn’t like her students’. Just because there are people worst off, that does not mean someone can’t go through something. Sam is upset for losing his keys and you’re upset because you lost your job, that doesn’t mean that Sam can’t be upset. It’s like someone is happy because they got their degree to be a teacher and you berate them because you got your degree to be a lawyer

2) “Get Over It”
I absolutely hate this one. Why do people think depression is a switch that you can flip on and off whenever you want? It doesn’t work like that! If someone told you they had cancer, would you tell them to get over it? If you wouldn’t tell someone battling cancer or any other illness to get over it, why say it to someone that’s battling depression? Depression is not like a cold or flu, you can’t get over depression! It’s something that you permanently deal with. You can stabilize it, but depression doesn’t go away.

3) “Try Exercise”
If exercise helped depression, I would not have to see therapists and social workers inside and outside of school all my life. I wouldn’t need meds if all I had to do was exercise. I would not have to go way on the west side of Chicago to see my therapist ever damn 2 weeks if exercise helped depression. There wouldn’t be so many suicides if all the person had to do was exercise. Stop and think would so many people be struggling with depression if all they needed was exercise.

4) “You Have So Much To Be Happy For”
You mean to tell someone that their possessions are a reason they can’t be depressed. Tell that to Robin Williams, he was an actor and had things to be happy for and he had depression, he even killed himself because of this illness. Depression can be deadly, and you have the audacity to think someone can’t have depression because they hay a high paying job or a mansion or a Lambo. It does not matter someone’s circumstances. And stop assuming depressed people are “ungrateful.” Depression doesn’t give a fuck if you have a nice car or a high paying job. A car can’t be there for you when you’re depressed. That’s like someone being upset because their mom or dad died and you go on about what else they have.


5) “It’s All In In Your Head”
Ya don’t say? Its called a MENTAL illness because it affects your brain, it doesn’t affect your foot! The person may see it as they think they are depressed or anxious, but they really aren’t. I wish NTs did some damn research instead of making these statements. My mom says this sometimes. She thinks I am amplifying my anxiety with getting a job. I know If I could barely handle more than one thing when I was in school, where I had deadlines to get assignments, how do you expect me to handle it on a job where it will be worse? My mom gets mad over things I cannot control. Telling someone to control something is like telling the weather where to rain.

6) “You Just Want Attention”
Do you really think people use depression as a cry for attention? For the love of God, mental illness is NOT a cry for attention. I even had this happened in 2014, I got depressed when a friend left Facebook a few times and I didn’t get to talk to him before he left, and everyone immediately judge me as an attention whore. Excuse me, I don’t have sex for money, because that’s what a whore is. People ultimately left me and got annoyed over my sad statues. People will never, ever understand depression or any other mental illness, unless they’ve dealt with it. They are quick to judge and have a say in things. Maybe social media is their only outlet. You do not know why they bring their problems to social media.


7) “You’re using your Depression As In Excuse”
Jesus, why do people pull the excuse card? Do I have to explain why this is on my list? When someone explains their struggles with their depression. It is NOT  an excuse for crying out loud!


8) “Have You Tried Tea”
*Facepalm* if tea helped depression, again, I would not have to go way to the west side ever 2 weeks to see my therapist. I’d be so peachy if tea cured depression. I would not need meds if all I needed was tea. I would not have tried to self-harm or kill myself if all I needed was a tea! If tea helped your depression coolio, but everyone is different. Tea may work for you, but it may not work for me. There would not be so many suicides if all the person needed was tea

9) “Depression Is a Choice”

keep your mouth shut
*sigh* no one wakes up and be like “Oh, I’m gonna be depressed today.”  NO, NO and NO!!! Depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain, who in their right mind chooses a chemical imbalance. You’re born with this! Do you think the person asked for depression in the womb?!

I make blogs about mental health, as well as video on YouTube because people overlook mental illnesses. People are ignorant. If there was more education, we wouldn’t have ignorance. Remember, don’t make someone feel like crap for having bad days because people are worst off. Life is not a competition, stop treating everything like a contest.

Left anything out, tell me in the comments! I made a video as well because I feel you can connect better. Click here to watch the video.




15 Facts About Me You Never Knew

For reaching 50 subscribers on YouTube, I decided to share some interesting facts about me.


The first fact about me is, I won the lottery, on my first time playing.

I randomly decided to play the year my mom graduated from high school, and it came out in a box, BTW when you play the lottery you get a straight ticket and a box, a box is the numbers can be in any order, straight meaning they are in the order they were called. I won 100 dollars. Sadly, I had to use it for lunch because I had a hard time affording lunch for school. And I didn’t qualify for the free lunch program. If I had money for lunch, I could have put this money towards future use such as clothes, if I wanted to see a movie.

The second fact is,  I actually had a YouTube channel in 2010

yes, you read this right, I owned a channel before the others I started up, I posted a video of me saying something funny and YouTube gave me a copyright strike. Out of anxiety, I deleted the channel. And I made a new one which is my OLD Aaliyah Holt channel.

The third fact is, I tried making mashed potatoes with buttermilk

I was out of milk and wanted to see how it will come out with buttermilk, and it did not come out right. Trust me on this. Lesson learned, don’t use buttermilk to make potatoes.

The fourth fact, I was injured TWICE

When I was in high school, back to back. When I was in high school, one month, I  bruised my shoulder one month, and the next month, I badly sprained my ankle. I am clumsy lol.

The fifth fact, I had an eating disorder

Yup, this was when I was 16,  I tell you, think twice before you want to call someone fat for not being pencil thin. Whether you like it or not, most ladies will have curves. Get over yourself. I hate fat shaming douche bags, I really do, and I lose respect for you if you judge people for their weight. Careless about how much they weigh and more about their personality. What number they are on a scale doesn’t mean a damn thing!

The sixth fact, I said “chicken” to replace swearing, I am a weird person, and random, and I thought it was creative yet funny. Don’t judge me, alright. I also love fried chicken.

The seventh fact, I got heat stroke one hot summer.

In 2012, that year was extremely hot, following an unusually warm winter, and I sweated a lake in a parade I marched in. Kinda sad I was the only person affected. The parade was 1.2 miles long. Followed another long walk to the bus. I guess I got unlucky that day.

The eighth fact, I hated the word “useful”

If you played Minecraft StoryMode by Telltale games, if you beat episodes 5-8, play episode 7 and you will know why. An overuse of a word makes me hate it apparently.

Ninth fact,  I have never had a job

I have talked about this a few times, between a disability, and limited jobs where I live. It’s hard finding a job that is suitable. It would have been too much for me having school, marching band/band, and work. So I decided to wait until  I graduated. As of now, 2018, I have had no luck with finding employment. I started a new blog about autism where I talk about my struggles with employment. You can follow that here. I can say because of having no job and because it’s hard to find one, I have no money for hosting so I can have a custom domain for my blog.

10th fact, I hate oatmeal.

It looks like vomit in a bowl, and I think its nasty.

11th fact, I’m lactose intolerant

I cannot drink milk, and this made things difficult when I was in school, the lunch ladies kept asking me for milk and having to tell them OVER AND OVER, that I cannot drink milk. Thankfully, I  got on the free lunch program and it was in the system. I was getting annoyed. I haven’t taken milk in 3 years and the lunch ladies couldn’t use common sense.

12th fact, I earned all my high school credits early

I could have graduated a semester early, but I wanted to finish my last semester of school so I can go to prom and just graduate with the rest of the clan. I wanted to attend prom and do Sr ‘ditch day.’

13th fact, I went to a Catholic school ( I am not even Catholic)

The schools in the city are bad, my folks didn’t want me going to a public school, the school they wanted me to attend was full, so they put me in a Catholic school. And I hated the school, the principal was a witch. The first and second-grade teacher was nice, but the third and fourth-grade teacher was mean. And a teacher who yells is ‘mean’ to me. That is not a healthy way to get people to listen. It will not work. Bargain with the kids. Like ‘ if you can behave, I will give you X.’ Don’t take this personal, I just don’t fit in at religious schools. Too strict.

14th fact,  I put mustard on fish sticks

You probably want to walk away at this fact, but I use tartar sauce or hot sauce on fish when I didn’t have neither, me and my weird self-used mustard. You guys are going to think I have weird ass food cravings. I was not pregnant just so you know. (When women are pregnant, they can have weird cravings, very weird.)

15th Fact, I have Asperger’s, I gave this away a few facts back. I struggle with autism. I see the world in black and right. I’m hated on because I can’t understand people’s views. It’s rough.

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