Menard’s Greenhouse Flowers

My folks went to Menard’s early this spring, and we went into the little greenhouse or whatever you call it, I decided to get some photos of the greenhouse flowers. This was back in April or May. I don’t remember the exact time. These photos are up on my Facebook Page. However, you have to look through my photos. They will be on my Instagram at some point. I also have a new Twitter for my work, give it a follow if you wanna.


Pink is one of my favorite colors. These flowers are so pretty, remember, this was taken back in the spring. I’m so sad the summer is over. I’m gonna miss taking flower, dusk, cloud photos. It’s just not as beautiful in the late spring/summer. See you again in May 2019.


I guess having folks that are slow shoppers has its advantages. I got to take this photos while my folks take their sweet time. My mom eventually picked that I was into photography. She had nothing bad to say about it. My mom has always insulted my interests when I was a kid/teen.



Purple flowers? Purple is my favorite color! I really wish I can buy some flowers, to keep on the porch to glam it up, kinda sucks when you want some things but no money for them. Maybe this will change soon.


I think I took the same photo again, whoops. I get a little carried away when I see things worth taking a photo of.


This got me vibes that I was in a rain forest of some sort.  I hope 2019 provides me with photo ops just like 2018 did. In a few months, you will see snow photos. So I am trying to do this as much as I can.

Menard's green house

Again I got carried away. Or I think I revised this photo to add my watermark.

So that is all the photos I have for now. If you wanna get into photography, check out this blog post, it has everything you will need. The blog will have affiliate links, it won’t cost anything extra, I get a small reward for showing you cool stuff. Want to blog more professionally? I made a sponsored post about Grammarly. Check it out if you wanna.

Be sure to check out other blog posts I made. I did my golden hour photos, flower photos if that also interests you. I will be adding art to my vlog channel soon, so subscribe if you’re excited about that. I will no schedule my blog posts to make life easier. I will post Monday and Saturday at 9am CDT


How I Got My Interest In Photography

I decided to talk about how I got my interest in photography. I didn’t think I’d like it, and I wanted something else to fall back on in case all else failed with YouTube. The way YouTube is going now is the time to look for alternatives.

my photography interst

The origin of my interest. It started when I watched a game called Life Is Strange, where the game’s main character, Max Caulfield, attends an art school. Throughout the game, Max can take photos of things, from that game, photography looked cool.

I started taking photos on a crappy phone Windows Phone until my mom bought me a better phone.

trees 1

This photo was taken on a crappy Windows Phone. I am sure most photographers started with their phones or a cheap camera. That’s what I kept in mind. And plus its best to use your phone, its a lot easier to pack when you’re traveling than your camera, if you see something cool you wanna shoot, you can get your phone ready quicker than you can a camera, depending on the camera. If someone steals your phone, the phone gets broken etc if you got a good plan, you can replace the phone with a small deductible(or free), depending on your carrier and their deals. If someone steals your camera, camera breaks etc, if you didn’t get a warranty(or it expired, you couldn’t afford extended warranty etc) you have to pay full price for another camera. So it’s kinda a win-win.

white flower edit

This photo was taken on an LG K20 Plus phone. In 2018, and the above photo was taken in 2017, so you can see the skill growth, I learned along the way about editing your photos, I also talked about that as well.

Throwback To Indiana 2

This photo was taken on an LG tablet.


and this was taken on a Samsung Galaxy S3, the point of this is to showcase the different devices I took photos on. I sorta liked taking photos before I played Life Is Strange, but I liked it even more after playing the game, I regret not taking photos until my fingers came off. But I made a promise, if I get a travel opportunity or a chance in general to take a photo, I’ll do it. Same with vlogging, if I get a travel op, I will vlog it.

If you want to buy my work, here is my store. If you wanna get into photography, click here on information on what you need. Someday I’ll be able to afford a camera. If people stop crapping on me for not being able to afford it, it will be all cool.