Menard’s Greenhouse Flowers

My folks went to Menard’s early this spring, and we went into the little greenhouse or whatever you call it, I decided to get some photos of the greenhouse flowers. This was back in April or May. I don’t remember the exact time. These photos are up on my Facebook Page. However, you have to look through my photos. They will be on my Instagram at some point. I also have a new Twitter for my work, give it a follow if you wanna.


Pink is one of my favorite colors. These flowers are so pretty, remember, this was taken back in the spring. I’m so sad the summer is over. I’m gonna miss taking flower, dusk, cloud photos. It’s just not as beautiful in the late spring/summer. See you again in May 2019.


I guess having folks that are slow shoppers has its advantages. I got to take this photos while my folks take their sweet time. My mom eventually picked that I was into photography. She had nothing bad to say about it. My mom has always insulted my interests when I was a kid/teen.



Purple flowers? Purple is my favorite color! I really wish I can buy some flowers, to keep on the porch to glam it up, kinda sucks when you want some things but no money for them. Maybe this will change soon.


I think I took the same photo again, whoops. I get a little carried away when I see things worth taking a photo of.


This got me vibes that I was in a rain forest of some sort.  I hope 2019 provides me with photo ops just like 2018 did. In a few months, you will see snow photos. So I am trying to do this as much as I can.

Menard's green house

Again I got carried away. Or I think I revised this photo to add my watermark.

So that is all the photos I have for now. If you wanna get into photography, check out this blog post, it has everything you will need. The blog will have affiliate links, it won’t cost anything extra, I get a small reward for showing you cool stuff. Want to blog more professionally? I made a sponsored post about Grammarly. Check it out if you wanna.

Be sure to check out other blog posts I made. I did my golden hour photos, flower photos if that also interests you. I will be adding art to my vlog channel soon, so subscribe if you’re excited about that. I will no schedule my blog posts to make life easier. I will post Monday and Saturday at 9am CDT


Throwback To My Trip To Kankakee County

Today is Throwback Thursday, where I look back on older photos that I have taken. This was when I wasn’t serious about photography, however, I made a promise that if I get a chance to travel, I will take photos of everything I can. This blog will have affiliate links, it will not cost you anything extra, I will get a commission when you buy any of the items. They are my own recommendations.

bumper cars edit
a photo of the bumper cars

I decided to walk around the festival to take photos and videos, I will have a Google Plus share link since I do not have the business upgrade to upload videos. Please note I cannot afford it at the moment. So if you want to watch the vlog, click on this link

In 2013, I did a summer internship with a lady who braided my hair, I also went to Fox River with her, I have a blog post on that, check it out if you’re interested. The lady I worked with had a side business where she sold her merchandise at these festivals. And I helped her set up her stand and she allowed me to have fun for a bit. Keep in mind went to the festival two different times. Sadly I didn’t have anyone to come with me, it would have been fun to have a buddy.

Festival 2

I would love to go back, I would love to get out and about and be free, maybe when I am blogging full time it could happen. I took these photos on a Samsung Galaxy S3, however that phone is obsolete. If you want to get into travel photography, I recommend a camera and an SD card. I prefer this way because you can pop the SD card into your computer to transfer your photos. I also recommend a computer for photography, period.

I took some more photos while sitting at the both. I kinda like being out at night for some reason, I think its cool, its one of my travel goals, I suppose I met the goal a long time ago! I was out until after midnight. Never been out that late besides my prom night ( I might post a throwback blog on that if you’re up for it.)  Follow my photography on instagram, this is where I post my work. I also have a Facebook page, you can follow me if you want, but I highly recommend Instagram since Facebook makes sure fewer people see your posts. I just want to give you other places where I post my photos.


I like it when the Ferris Wheel lights up at night. I find it pretty neat. 2013 was a good summer, I just wish I had the funds to go places. Living with people who want to sit in the house all day doesn’t help. Not to be rude, I need to be with people who like being out and about. If you would like to buy my work, check out my shop. I am looking for an alternative shop, just because I like to have a backup site in case all goes wrong. I also post my work on Deviantart, so give me a follow on there if you want to.

Flower Photos Of 2018

Rather than posting my flower pics or any other one by one, I decided to put it all in one blog post, like I did with my Stormy Weather Photos. I will run out of names to call the pictures and don’t wanna get repetitive. I prefer to put certain photos in one blog post.


pink flowers edit
My neighbor told me these are PMIs

This flower grew around springtime, around May I think. They wilted pretty fast after growing. My neighbor said they were PMI flowers. I Wish I was a flower expert, to know what flower is what. I feel should know they type flowers I am shooting a photo of. Being in Chicago, the weather changes, a lot, it will be warm one day and chilly the next, and maybe PMI flowers can’t survive in temps lower than a certain amount ( like 70 Degrees Fahrenheit) so that’s my guess on why they wilted, it got cold a few times before Memorial Day.

edited version flower
Taken Back In July

This is a photo of a yellow flower that I took back in July, its one of my best photos yet. I was kinda happy with this photo. I even printed it with an App called Freeprints, it’s an app that prints photos for free ( you pay to ship the photo, but it’s $1.99) I did an unboxing and review of the app. I recommend it if you’re a photographer, its always good to have physical copies of your photos.

white flower edit

I got a close up of a flower that grew in the side drive, my grandpa likes to plant flowers, I’d love to do it someday. It’s pretty fun to take pictures of flowers since nature photography is my thing, I also like to take photos of other things, for fun.

hibiscus flowe edit

This is a Hibiscus Flower, I think my grandpa planted this. It’s pretty cool to see this flower. This photo was edited, but I edit my photos to make them look more clear, I talked about this in The Importance Of Editing Your Photos. I first thought to edit your photos was cheating, but then I saw that it makes your pics look more professional.  It can give you amazing results.

hot pink flowers watermark

I went to the dollar store and saw these hot pinkish flowers. I also printed this photo at my local Walgreens, they print photos for 38 cents a photo. Keep in mind the price varies depending on the size you want. I want to hang my photos in my room, if I am gonna be stuck in my hell of a home, may as well make the best of it, by trying to make my own money and decorate my room.


Saw this flowers at Mariano’s early this summer, and my mom wanted a photo, as always.  I may post photos of the people I was able to shoot. Having a passion but being too broke to fulfill it is not fun. Not fun at all, I’d love to travel and do more travel photography. I like to travel, I feel free when I travel.



Some more flowers from the driveaway.


I won’t be able to take photos once winter hits, I don’t know a single flower that grows in the winter.


The last of the photos for this blog post. If I take anymore before it gets cold, I will make a part 2, but it isn’t likely.

If you would like to buy my work, check out my shop. I also will pin my store photos from my Pinterest account to take you to the photo you may wanna buy.

You can look at my work on my Deviantart profile give it a watch if you like to!

I will post more photos when a gather more, it all depends on when that is. I hope you liked this photos!

Throwback To My Trip To Fox River

Back in 2013, I went to Fox River with a lady who braided my hair. She went there to apply for a vacation house there, and I tagged along. It wasn’t really a “mini getaway” since I was her intern for the summer. But least I had fun. Throwback Thursday will only be temporary, once I run out of things worth blogging about, then I will be down to 3xs a week.


I do have a vlog, it will be a Google Plus share since I need to upgrade my plan to post videos. And the video is no longer online on YouTube since I re-branded my channel.

I’d love to go back to Fox River, for the summer and winter to see what winter activities they have. The tour guild said they have winter activities like sledding.


We went on a tour of the resort, and it is a very nice resort, flip side it there is no cell reception on certain parts, so I wouldn’t be able to post my travel photos. But hey, what good is a vacation if you’re indoors using your electronics and not site seeing and such?

We saw one of the rooms, and I’d have a special way to determined who gets what room if I ever come with a friend. Because part of my travel goals is a good room to stay in, with a view, views are nice!


The bathroom looks nice, I always wanted a bathroom in my room, maybe when I am blogging full time, I can make it happen. There is a toilet in there, its separate from the bath and sick I think.

It has a playground, I did get on it while the adults were taking care of business. Now I wasn’t serious about photography back then, but I made a vow if I get a chance to travel I will take photos if I have a chance to and properly vlog, like vlog when i am about to leave, on the way there, arriving etc.


There is a patio, now this is goals for sure. I’d step out at night even because that is also goals in my book. I might make a blog in regards to my travel goals, things I wanna experience when traveling. Hopefully, when I am a full-time blogger I can travel. I wanna be able to travel the world. I can’t do that working a regular job! You don’t get that many vacation days a year or whatever. Even if I was able to find a job, all I can do is part-time, and I wouldn’t be able to save up to travel, it will take forever vs if I make sat $500+ a month with affiliate links, selling my photos etc


This bed looks nice. Isn’t it?

So, I hope I get more travel opportunities, I will take photos like there is no tomorrow if I get to. I will post some travel blogs, I feel it fits Saturday’s theme which is verity.

If you want to get into photography, here is what you will need. Click here if you’re interested.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the blog. I could use a getaway!

Free Prints Review(Honest Review)

I am going to be reviewing an app called Freeprints. This is my own thoughts about the app and I am not sponsored. I also did a video where I unboxed the image I ordered. I highly recommend Freeprints. If you are not able to print your photos, this app is for you. This is an honest review on Freeprints.

freeprints unboxing and review

In the video, I show you a photo that I took last month that I decided that I want to print out. I decided I wanted to have physical copies of my photos. Just in case, I’ll never know. There could be a photo contest and it could call for a physical copy of a photo. I also heard about this app from someone else and wanted to give it a try.

What Is Freeprints?

Freeprints is an app where you can print your photos for free. You do have to pay for the shipping, this probably helps the developers fund the app. But shipping is $1.99, (US Dollars), very affordable shipping. For your first order, you will not have to pay the shipping, then after that, shipping is $1.99. You get to choose your level of shipping, if you pick fast shipping, you pay an additional dollar or 2, but because it was my first order, they gave me fast shipping for free. I applaud Freeprints for that. Giving your clients the fast shipping for their first order is a nice thing to do.


How the app works?

When you open the app, you will be taken to an option to choose what photos your want to print ( gallery, Facebook, Instagram etc) after you pick the photo(s) that you want, enter your details, and if it’s your second purchase, your method of payment. Then you pick the level of shipping that you want. Freeprints will give you the fast shipping for your first order ( 3-5 day shipping).

I highly recommend this app, if you have a photo of a late relative or just a photo of something you wanna remember, I recommend printing it so if something happens to your phone, you will have a physical copy, and your memories won’t be lost! Just search ‘Freeprints’ in the Google Play/Apple Store. I am not sure what phones you all have.

Wanna buy the featured photo. Check out my store. Give the app a go, you won’t be disappointed! If you would like to see previous reviews that I have done. Here you go. Blue Snowball Ice Mic Review(Highly Recommended)Blog Professionally With Grammarly! { Honest Review}.

Let me know what you think about Freeprints? Do you recommend this to a friend?