Influenster Staycation VoxBox Unboxing

After having Influenster for 2 YEARS, they FINALLY sent me a box. Whenever there is a chance to get a box you will get an e-mail or notification with instructions on what to do. I am not sponsored by Influenster. They sent me these products in exchange for a review. I will provide a brief review of each product that I received.  Check out this video on how you can get free stuff from Influenster.



I tried out each of these products and I like this some far. If you want free stuff,  sign up here.

hair spray

This is one of the items they sent me, it’s for all hair types(even relaxed hair). It made my hair soft and smooth and helped the frizz I get on my ends. The heat makes my hair look like I got electrocuted sometimes. When I roll my hair up, it will be frizzy when I take it down the next morning, when I use this stuff, it helped with the frizz. The company is Eva-NYC and the product is Mane Magic 10 in 1 primer.


This is a moisturizer for your face. It actually smells pretty good. It made my skin soft and started to clear it up since I have a problem with it. You can put it on any part of your body that gets pimples.


These nails are 10xs better than the acrylic nails that require glue. All you have to do is stick them on your nails, hold for a few seconds, and that’s it! And you can peel them right off! You don’t need anything special to take them off. You can even do it yourself or have a friend help you. You can also find these at Walmart and the Dollar Tree ( please note different dollar stores have different things)

shaving stuff

This product is like shaving cream for women! You simply apply some to the area you wanna shave, it’s like a lubricant. It makes it easier to shave your legs or whatever you wanna shave. It even made the area I shaved smooth like a baby’s but.

tooth paste

last but not least, some toothpaste. You can be your own dentist with the product ( I still recommend you visit the dentist) I mean if you cannot visit a dentist at the moment, this toothpaste works as a temporary method. Having anxiety, I do not like the dentist at all and dread going. This toothpaste doesn’t burn, as most brands, I used burned my mouth. I recommend crest products in general. I have been thinking about adding beauty product reviews to my second YouTube channel, however, I wanna see how I like it first. And if I feel like I can commit to it, beauty will be added to my channel. I like having variety because that way viewers will have something else to look out for if they ever get bored with a certain topic.

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