Struggles Of A Small YouTuber

I want to re-write some of my old blog posts, because I was not fully satisfied with them, and want another chance. Plus, they probably had grammar mistakes, however, I am using Grammarly to catch most of the mistakes. At the time I felt I could have done better, I will delete the old blog once the new version is up. This is going to be about struggles of being a small YouTuber. People overlook how hard it really is to be a small YouTuber. Most people look down on smaller channels, assuming our content ‘sucks’ just because of our size. Instead of telling someone their content ‘sucks’ how about leave some constructive criticism as to what could be better. Telling someone their content is bad is not constructive, however, telling them what could be better like editing, would be more acceptable.

Small YouTuber Struggles

Everyone who starts YouTube will start small, look a Pewdiepie, he has 64 million subscribers ( from the last time I checked) I’m sure he didn’t wake up with 64 million subscribers. I feel that it’s harder when you’re small than when you’re big.

Keeping My Viewers Engaged- This is a major struggle that I had, on videos that I had were 2 minutes long, people left around 1:15 seconds, and I could not figure out what was causing them to leave. I feel as though when you’re small, you won’t have active followers, therefore, you won’t get feedback as to what you’re doing wrong. And you have to find out the hard way what’s putting people off in your videos. I mean, people should be helping their fellow small YouTubers. Not sit there watching them make the same mistake over and over. I posted to a group about this, one person said they noticed in my videos my camera angle was too low and didn’t bother to tell me in a comment. And I had to find out the hard way the camera angle was putting people off or could have been part of the reason. It’s good we have people like Roberto Blake, I should have been looking him up and seeing what he has to say since my followers are gonna sit there while I keep unknowingly making a mistake putting off viewers.

Affording Equipment- In my defense, this is the hardest part about being small, lacking the equipment or the money for equipment. Most small channels start when they are teens, and teens, legally, cannot work full time to save up for gear. Teens can only work maybe 4-5 hours, 3xs a week. They probably will make 100-200 dollars per check, which isn’t a lot to put into equipment. There are people who also cannot get a job due to, not being able to find work, cannot work due to a mental/physical illness or disability, or cannot hold down a job for some reason. Solution? Small channels create a Patreon to help with equipment expenses. Sometimes they are told to ‘get a job’ and the commenter has no idea about the creator’s situation. It annoys the heck out of me when people tell me to get a better { insert item here} and I have to tell them that I cannot afford it, that I have no money coming in what so ever to put into equipment. I will re-write my autism blogs so I will provide more information as to why I cannot get a job. Another struggle is said equipment breaks, and the creator has no money to get it fixed/or get another whatever. Versus a large YouTube who is making enough and can replace/repair their gear when they get paid again. Another thing I wanna say is most small channels are shamed for starting some sort of crowdfunding. People just do not understand said creator’s situation. One asshat made a video ranting about these people telling them to ‘get a job and buy it themselves’ little does he know, Joe is in poverty, his job doesn’t pay enough for equipment, it barely pays for him to put food on the table. Don’t judge if you don’t know. So, please support your favorite creators.

Editing- This is one of the most important things when it comes to being a creator, editing your work to make it look professional. You see the cool effects most larger channels can put into their editing, look at this video for example. See how she cloned herself? My editor doesn’t have this function. VSDC editor is the only editor that will work on my crap computer. Editing can make or break your channel since so many channels make similar content. Your editing alone can entice someone to stay hooked to your video and subscribe to your channel.  Take 2 people, one uses movie maker, another uses Sony Vegas, who will be able to do more stuff, the guy who uses Sony Vegas, right? One rule I have is to always save your work frequently if your editor doesn’t autosave. You would be pretty mad if you spend hours on a video and your editor crashes. A new YouTuber just starting won’t have top-notch editing skills. It will take time for their skills to grow.

People With High Expectations- I think its kinda extreme to expect so much from a small creator. We are just learning, damn! When my Gaming Channel used to be games, vlogs, and tutorials. I made a video titled ‘My First Vlog’ keyword, FIRST. This guy who cannot understand keywords, shits on my video because it wasn’t what he expected. He shit on my intro, I used a Panzoid intro just until I can learn to make my own. He shit on my personality, he wanted me to put on a fake personality because he didn’t like me for me. He tries to change you if he is not happy with you. He complained about seeing my face throughout the vlog. Um, that’s the whole point of a blog, idiot! He shit on the quality, at the time I didn’t have a good phone with a good camera. The editor I used only saved up to 720P quality and my PC is not powerful enough to save in 1080P. It will save, but it will take forever. He had no idea that I lacked the equipment to make my videos better and proceed to act as though I been on YouTube for 10 years. Like come on, not all small channels can afford equipment like you. Unless you wanna buy it for me, here is my Patreon, donate instead of trashing my videos. I was just making a point if people wanna complain about your content but not do anything that will actually help you. Donating a couple dollars to your Patreon would be more helpful than shitting on the content. BTW I have a Patreon trailer to explain where your money will go and what you will get in return.

People Saying The Same Thing Over and Over- I made a video on my struggles being a small YouTuber before re-branding my channel. I made the mistake of looking at the screen of my tablet rather than the lens. And like 6 people pointed it out. I mean you wanna give feedback, fine. But check the comments, if it was already addressed, then find something else that needs improvement. I am sure the lens thing wasn’t my only problem.

Losing Subscribers- When you lose more subscribers than you are gaining. Not knowing why people are unsubscribing is even harder to figure out. Sometimes YouTube does a monthly purge of inactive accounts. If that account subscribed to you, your sub count will drop. Sometimes people are active on the account to the T and get unsubscribed. Because my subscribers don’t follow me on social media. They could have been unsubscribed and never knew because they didn’t follow me on social media. If they weren’t seeing me, they could have thought I quit YouTube. Tell the creator what you wanna see instead of just unsubscribing, speak up! Suggest what the creator can make videos about.

Getting Views/Slow growth- I dwell on views because I don’t want to put my sweat and tears on a video for it to get little views. My Simself series episode 2 video, only got 11 views and I worked HARD on it, promoted it EVERYWHERE. It seems like YouTube makes it harder by the minute to get views. Before I changed up my content, my channel grew super slow. I was stuck in the 170s since February. From February to July, that’s a long time. Whenever I gained a sub, someone unsubscribed days later, I had no idea what was the problem was. No one spoke up and asked for what they wanted to see. I ran polls on Twitter and people chose not to vote. You cannot just ignore my posts on social media asking for suggestions then unsubscribe because I am not making what you subscribed for.

So that’s all I have for this blog. I have a video on this, check that out if you wanna. Wanna start a YouTube channel, check out this blog on what you’ll need. Wanna blog more professionally? I made a sponsored post about Grammarly, check it out if you’re interested.



4 Ways To Make Money On YouTube

What if I told you, you can make more money on YouTube without monetization. You could make double from other methods than you can from monetizing. You need 1K views to get 1 dollar. If you don’t get that many views you will be only getting pennies. Don’t get me wrong, it can add up, but don’t you want to earn something you can use?make money on YouTube

If you’re a YouTuber and want to know other ways you can make money without Google Adsense, or you just want a backup income source or thanks to Logan Paul you’re no longer monetized and want to make up for the lost revenue. I got you covered, here’s

make money on youtube

Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways you can earn money from this method. A website you sign up for could have an affiliate link program, this is if someone uses your link to sign up for said site, you get the commission. Tubebuddy has one, for instance, if someone uses your link to buy Tubebuddy( a YouTube tag extension), you get a percentage of the money. I would start with that, as with Amazon’s aff link program, you might have to buy something, and a small channel may not have the money to buy anything. But you must indicate that the link is an affiliate link and you will get money when the person uses the link to buy whatever. I plugged my affiliate link as an example. So you must put in your YouTube description ‘this is an affiliate link and I will get a percentage of the earnings when you buy any of Tubebuddy’s pro features.’

Update, I tried Amazon’s affiliate program and you don’t have to buy the items, however, its recommended you suggest what you use.


2) Sell Merch
Open up a merch shop for your channel, this is another way someone can support your channel. You can sell hats, mugs, phone cases, shirts etc. I would mention in the video that you opened up a shop, most people don’t even look at the video description and most likely will not know you have a store. For example, I opened up a store for my art.  Redbubble is great for artists.


3) Crowdfunding
This means starting a Patreon so viewers can donate money in exchange for rewards. Be sure that whatever rewards you set, you can deliver. So if you’re an art channel, and your rewards are prints, be sure you will be able to provide each person who donates X amount of money an art print. I suggest doing prints every 2 or 3 months. But give them a print for the month they sign up. I have a Patreon for YouTube and my art. I rather have that separate from each other. I suggest every 2 to 3 months because you don’t know how many people will join the tier and you may run out of prints to give.


4) Sponsorship.
If I am not wrong, a sponsorship is where a company will pay you for endorsing their product, so say you’re sponsored by a shoe company, you will promote that companies shoes in your videos, and you get paid in return. Now if you’re a smaller channel, you may think this is crazy, think again, you can reach out to companies that sponsor small YouTubers. Make sure the companies product relates to your channel in some way before doing so. I would start off with an app or an editing software, where the person can just message you a code for the pro version or a link to download it etc then once you get used to reviewing, then upgrade to a camera or a computer etc. My blog was around 70 followers and Grammarly asked me to make a blog post about them. You can read that here.

I want to list other ways that I didn’t mention in the video form. You can sell e-books, your course etc. Say you’re a cooking blog and you have an online course, you can promote your course on your channel to get people to join. You can make an app and promote it to your viewers. You can do Freelance work. You can make graphics for people who are not skilled, you can edit for people who do not have time due to school or work. You can commission profile photos. Be creative. All these YouTubers who do YouTube full-time are not relying on Adsense to pay their bills, they generate a backup source of income.

Want to watch in video form? Click here. Also, be sure to check out other blogs I have done. Share this blog with a friend. I am sure they need this.



How To Come Up With Video Ideas

It’s hard to come up with ideas for your YouTube Channel. Do you get creator’s block? Do you just get stuck? Well this blog posts is here to help you out. come up with ideas

1) Ask Subscribers
If you have a decent following, you can ask your subscribers/followers for video ideas, and they will suggest what they want to see from you. However, if you’re not so lucky and don’t have a good following if you’re in any youtube Facebook groups, they can give you suggestions. But I suggest asking your niche audience, so say you are a gaming channel, post to a gaming-related group. It’s fairly simple. If you do let’s plays, maybe review the game after you beat it, or do Easter Eggs in the game. Or you’re a beauty channel and you review makeup, maybe switch gears and review skin products, hair products.

2) Watch Other People’s Videos
This is usually how I get my ideas, by watching other people’s videos, browsing online. If you followed my Aaliyah Holt channel before I re-branded. I made a video on why I hated being autistic, the idea was sparked when I came across a blog post that someone made with their struggles with autism. After that video got so much positive feedback, thus I decided to make videos about autism. Watching someone else’s video can spark inspiration, as long as you do not copy the person.

3) Take Notes
Anything you have in mind? Write it down, it could help you in the future, so say you want to cover things that happen on YouTube, and they make a change that angers you, good thing you wrote it down, or you never would have thought about it. Or you can write down things you want to talk about in general. Also, it will also help you out to jot down some bullet points you might want to cover. For example, say you want to review a game, you can jot down what you want to say about the game.


4) Make videos on what’s happening, trending topics, current events, anything you hear about. Before I re-branded Aaliyah Holt, I made a video about the repeal of net neutrality, however, I will not do videos like that anymore because no one cared and one dude assumed it was fake without doing his research. But hey, you may have more confidence than me. Maybe they didn’t live in the US, the group I shared it to had more people from the UK than the US. I would stay away from politics. People can be very salty if you think differently than them. On a forum back in 2016, a Trump supporter called me a bitch because I said Trump is a racist. He said I wouldn’t know ‘what racism is without googling it.’ That is why we have Google, you dunce. So Trump supporters will attack you and call you names if you speak against their ‘hero’. Another reason to stay away from politics. Trending stuff a suggest if it fits your niche. Is Movies, games, TV shows. Here is the same idea but in video form. Make sure the topic in question is within your niche.

Anyways, I hoped this helped some of you.


YouTube Makes Changes To Its Partner Program

YouTube is at it again punishing smaller channels for what someone else did! You will hate Logan Paul after you read this blog.26850001_730849653776499_8260528655939430893_o

In case you haven’t heard, YouTube recently made a statement that they will require channels to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in order to make money. That is a little too much. The watch time will be harder for channels that make shorter videos.

I am simply going to voice how I feel about it. This is not a rant, nor a complaint video, actually hear me out before you comment. Actually read from top to bottom before you comment.

People have a reason to be upset about this, different channels made a different amount of money, so just because you were only making 2 cents and you don’t care doesn’t mean it applies for everyone.

This is not just about money, YouTube promotes monetized content so this change will make it 2x harder for us to get out there. If the content isn’t making YouTube money, they will not promote it.

Imagine being at work, you’re a new employee, the boss comes up to you and says “now you must have worked here for 5 months before you can get a check.” So that means you have to work FOR FREE for 5 months before you can get paid.
You would quit your job, you don’t want to do all that work and not get anything in return, so this may drive some small fries to quit. Not because they only care about money. But because they are sick of YouTube punishing smaller channels and rewarding the big channels. I believe this is a response to the Logan Paul incident. Just like how YouTube brought in the 10k rule after the thing with Pewdiepie. If you don’t know what Logan Paul did, he went to the suicide woods in Japan and got on tape the body of a man who killed himself and posts it on YouTube. It caused a lot of  uproar that YouTube demonetizes innocent content but allows this mess to happen. So if you are upset, mad etc about this change, blame Logan Paul.

Like it or not, people are gonna be upset. If you had a dream, then come to find out it’s gonna be a lot harder, you would feel discouraged. So it’s a little insensitive to think people can’t have a say in things. Or shamming a small creator for being upset. You have no right to tell someone what they can or can’t be upset over.

At the same time, YouTube is cracking down on channels who steal content, you wouldn’t want someone making money off of something you did right. Like with YouTube’s 10K rule. A kid stole one of my videos from my Aaliyah Holt channel ( and was stupid enough to tag me on Twitter) because he was “out of ideas.”
Because of YouTube’s rule, he was prevented from monetizing my content. That is the only reason I didn’t report the video because he wasn’t making anything from it. You will be thanking YouTube if your video gets stolen and the channel is under the threshold. Had YouTube not had the 10K rule, this kid would have been making money off a video I worked my butt off on.

It’s not fair for YouTube to constantly punish small channels for what a big YouTuber does, but in reality, one person can fu*k it up for everyone else. For example, when my mom used to work, her lunch break was one hour, then people abused it and it was shortened to 30 mins. Another reason I would not be able to hold down a job, I’d go nuclear at the change, because people with autism don’t like changes.

In the first place, you should NOT make YouTube your only source of income. Affiliate links, selling merch, Patreon, whatever you have to do, get it done. You could make double with a backup source than you would with Adsense.

One set back I can see is this change will increase the amount of sub for sub, buying subscribers etc. I already had enough of sub for sub people before, but imagine how many sub for sub people I will ban from my channel now.

Do not sub4sub, it will not work. And you still need the watch hours. Here is the video in blog form if you wanna see it. YouTube isn’t going to be easy. But nothing is really.

15 Facts About Me You Never Knew

For reaching 50 subscribers on YouTube, I decided to share some interesting facts about me.


The first fact about me is, I won the lottery, on my first time playing.

I randomly decided to play the year my mom graduated from high school, and it came out in a box, BTW when you play the lottery you get a straight ticket and a box, a box is the numbers can be in any order, straight meaning they are in the order they were called. I won 100 dollars. Sadly, I had to use it for lunch because I had a hard time affording lunch for school. And I didn’t qualify for the free lunch program. If I had money for lunch, I could have put this money towards future use such as clothes, if I wanted to see a movie.

The second fact is,  I actually had a YouTube channel in 2010

yes, you read this right, I owned a channel before the others I started up, I posted a video of me saying something funny and YouTube gave me a copyright strike. Out of anxiety, I deleted the channel. And I made a new one which is my OLD Aaliyah Holt channel.

The third fact is, I tried making mashed potatoes with buttermilk

I was out of milk and wanted to see how it will come out with buttermilk, and it did not come out right. Trust me on this. Lesson learned, don’t use buttermilk to make potatoes.

The fourth fact, I was injured TWICE

When I was in high school, back to back. When I was in high school, one month, I  bruised my shoulder one month, and the next month, I badly sprained my ankle. I am clumsy lol.

The fifth fact, I had an eating disorder

Yup, this was when I was 16,  I tell you, think twice before you want to call someone fat for not being pencil thin. Whether you like it or not, most ladies will have curves. Get over yourself. I hate fat shaming douche bags, I really do, and I lose respect for you if you judge people for their weight. Careless about how much they weigh and more about their personality. What number they are on a scale doesn’t mean a damn thing!

The sixth fact, I said “chicken” to replace swearing, I am a weird person, and random, and I thought it was creative yet funny. Don’t judge me, alright. I also love fried chicken.

The seventh fact, I got heat stroke one hot summer.

In 2012, that year was extremely hot, following an unusually warm winter, and I sweated a lake in a parade I marched in. Kinda sad I was the only person affected. The parade was 1.2 miles long. Followed another long walk to the bus. I guess I got unlucky that day.

The eighth fact, I hated the word “useful”

If you played Minecraft StoryMode by Telltale games, if you beat episodes 5-8, play episode 7 and you will know why. An overuse of a word makes me hate it apparently.

Ninth fact,  I have never had a job

I have talked about this a few times, between a disability, and limited jobs where I live. It’s hard finding a job that is suitable. It would have been too much for me having school, marching band/band, and work. So I decided to wait until  I graduated. As of now, 2018, I have had no luck with finding employment. I started a new blog about autism where I talk about my struggles with employment. You can follow that here. I can say because of having no job and because it’s hard to find one, I have no money for hosting so I can have a custom domain for my blog.

10th fact, I hate oatmeal.

It looks like vomit in a bowl, and I think its nasty.

11th fact, I’m lactose intolerant

I cannot drink milk, and this made things difficult when I was in school, the lunch ladies kept asking me for milk and having to tell them OVER AND OVER, that I cannot drink milk. Thankfully, I  got on the free lunch program and it was in the system. I was getting annoyed. I haven’t taken milk in 3 years and the lunch ladies couldn’t use common sense.

12th fact, I earned all my high school credits early

I could have graduated a semester early, but I wanted to finish my last semester of school so I can go to prom and just graduate with the rest of the clan. I wanted to attend prom and do Sr ‘ditch day.’

13th fact, I went to a Catholic school ( I am not even Catholic)

The schools in the city are bad, my folks didn’t want me going to a public school, the school they wanted me to attend was full, so they put me in a Catholic school. And I hated the school, the principal was a witch. The first and second-grade teacher was nice, but the third and fourth-grade teacher was mean. And a teacher who yells is ‘mean’ to me. That is not a healthy way to get people to listen. It will not work. Bargain with the kids. Like ‘ if you can behave, I will give you X.’ Don’t take this personal, I just don’t fit in at religious schools. Too strict.

14th fact,  I put mustard on fish sticks

You probably want to walk away at this fact, but I use tartar sauce or hot sauce on fish when I didn’t have neither, me and my weird self-used mustard. You guys are going to think I have weird ass food cravings. I was not pregnant just so you know. (When women are pregnant, they can have weird cravings, very weird.)

15th Fact, I have Asperger’s, I gave this away a few facts back. I struggle with autism. I see the world in black and right. I’m hated on because I can’t understand people’s views. It’s rough.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to. You will have fun.